Malachite...GHW or SHW? Help!

  1. I'm so confused.
    I begged and begged my SA for a malachite B and she was so kind to order it for me (PO) in GHW. Now I think I made a mistake and should have gone for SHW instead and maybe even in a Kelly (I wear both B and Ks). I think the GHW is too much "pop" for me on a color (I have both hardwares on my bags and most of my bags are neutrals).
    I guess I won't decide until the bag comes but I'm getting so anxious!
    (I found this photo online of Caroline Stanbury. The K shw looks so chic and modern and it's what made me confused in the first place!) IMG_1731.PNG
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  2. Gold will look great!
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  3. I think both gold or silver look amazing on Malachite...just a personal preference of choosing one versus the other. To me, Malachite is like anemone in that sense, it looks great with either HW.
    I think you went the right choice with the B though (but maybe I'm biased as that's what I have and love it - mine is with PHW though).

    Hope you love it when you see it!
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  4. IMO I much prefer GHW, as it enhances the warmth of Malachite whereas PHW enhances the cool tones. However, I do tend to prefer more green based colorations over blue in general anyway. If you tend towards blue tones, than I would think PHW would be preferable but really they both compliment the color beautifully.
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  5. Another vote for ghw
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  6. Another vote for GHW! I am biased since I have B30 malachite with GHW which hands down is my favorite bag out of everything I own... here's a picture of it borrowed from my IG IMG_1499372509.438453.jpg
  7. I think both PHW and GHW complement Malachite wonderfully.
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  8. Mine has GHW. I think GHW always complements the bag's color more than PHW (with the possible exception of light blues like Ciel).
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  9. Ghw !! That is the perfect combo
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  10. I'd prefer a GHW on a malachite. It is listed on my wishlist for a Kelly. :heart:
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  11. I vote for GHW
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  12. Both hardwares work on malachite, I personally like the phw for more fresh and crisp look.
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  13. I have ghw on my malachite Kelly too and love it.
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  14. For reference ... but honestly, this color looks amazing with either HW. Wait to see the bag and if you love it, go for it. There are very few colors i would turn down a bag for due to hardware and this is not one of them. Malachite is a dream!

    IMG_1499382079.720759.jpg IMG_1499382088.879200.jpg
  15. +1 ghw
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