Malachite CDC question

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  1. Hi- This forum is just the best! Decision of the day is after seeing the lovely posts, I think I'll look for a malachite CDC. I bought a fun little Evelyne TPM for Spring (if Spring ever arrives in Connecticut) in malachite and I think to add to it, given the bag is so small, I will add a malachite CDC?? So my question is gold or silver hardware and then, any other bracelet to accompany it to somewhat off-set the 'green'...I am a person that boldly stands by the black/white/tans/greys/navy's and only with H do I venture into the color spectrum!! Obviously I need all the help I can get!!! BTW I just purchased a white w/GHW and the bleu medor w/GHW (same old same old!) looking for a dark blue croc with phw and I suppose I should splash a little color - e.g. greens?? I am open to change the croc CDC idea too as I have to cover so many boutiques to find these items!!! If I see how it looks then it is easier for me to decide.
  2. I admit that I like to go matchy-matchy with my outfit, so assuming the small hardware on your Evelyn is PHW, I'd go with Malachite CDC with PHW too.
    But I do really like your idea to match it with dark blue gator CDC, and I'd stick with PHW to avoid too much going on. CDCs are not easy to find, so you might want to branch out the idea to Kelly Dogs, KDTs, Rivales, Hapis, etc as long as they're in the colour you're looking for. Good luck hunting! :smile:
  3. I personally only like malachite with phw, same goes for bambou, anemone and blue saphire. I dont worry about matching my cdc hw with my bags.

    Here are a few pics of my malachite with phw. Good luck deciding! A fun dilemma!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392827417.143313.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392827453.556664.jpg
  4. I have a gold malachite cdc, but I think is't beautiful also with phw... It really depends on you and your taste..
  5. Me too! But I just picked up my white w/ghw CDC and it is a wee heavy so I now need to choose between a malachite or croc with phw... I think because of the weight (to me) in the summer- I probably need 2 vs 3!!
  6. More enabling; I love Malachite!…..:biggrin:

    Malachite with PHW plus a Poupre Clic Clac and CSGM Sous L'Egide de Mars.

    Good luck!

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  7. Oh dear- I am so in trouble! The purple is the perfect splash of color with a stunning background! Love it!!!!!

  8. What? The weight isn't any different ghw or phw, not that I have ever noticed.

    Not only do I love malachite ghw, I actually wound up buying it twice! I didn't wear it the first time but later regretted selling it.
  9. Personally, I think malachite looks good with either hardware. I have a KDT with PHW in malachite, but if I have seen malachite in both PHW and GHW and think it looks great in both. GHW definitely warms up the bracelet more, but PHW looks so chic :smile: good luck finding your malachite CDC!
  10. Hi! I meant the weight of the CDC bracelet in general is heavy to me vs. other bangles/bracelets. Today I purchased a mykanos blue croc w/ghw and the malachite with phw and some lovely wedge sandals! I still have everything in the trunk of my car to sneak in later tonight LOL (just kidding). I was offered some beautiful bags however my girlfriend purchased instead as I am just holding out for the colors I love. Thanks to this forum, I have spend ~$6K this week that I didn't plan on...I best not peek at another post for a few days!!!
  11. This forum is dangerous :smile: congrats on your purchases and please post modeling pics!!
  12. Congratulations on your new purchases! The mykonos cdc sounds divine. Post some mod pic please. This forum is truly a big enabler. I love coming back here to see all the beautiful pictures of H items though.
  13. Pictures from 30K feet! After all of the modeling photos I saw this week- I think best to keep these bracelets ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393190295.967836.jpg in the box! Sorry but traveling and still adjusting to the CDC fit!!