Making your own?

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  1. While browsing the jewelry section, I've got an impression that some of you make your own jewelry. If this is the case, I would like to ask you an advice since I'm thinking of taking up some classes and trying to learn how to make my own. The thing is I don't have the feeling how much time it takes to become skilled in working with sterling silver and gems (what I'm most interested in) and how much would the initial expenses be (for a basic equipment)? :shrugs:
    I like those simple lines of contemporary design, so I wouldn't try to make something that you really need to be artist and the experienced craftsman to produce.

    It's just something I would like to learn and spend some of my free time making it (for me and my friends if I would be any good :shame:smile:.

    All the advices are welcomed! :flowers:
  2. I took metalsmithing classes for two years in college and I loved it! As far as time frame to become "skilled", I guess that just depends on your basic art skills to begin with. My first piece was a simple sterling silver bypass style ring with a bezel set sunstone (hand fabricated bezel/ sawed from sheet metal)- took me about a week and half to make and looked just as good as what you could find a sterling silver shop, IMHO. But I attribute by "beginners sucess" mostly to my art backround though. I'm not sure what you mean by "skilled", but I would imagine I would've needed another couple years to be completely confident in my skills.

    Now, I purchased my own saw, blades, metal, wax, sanding paper, ect, but used the schools shop setup- ie. bench, gas, torch, casting machine, polishing wheel, ect. I spent under five hundred a year for my materials. I imagine buying the whole bench/ gas setup could run you quite a pretty penny- I wouldn't invest in that unless I was truely serious about becoming a metal smith.

    I totally miss taking classes and if I didn't have such a busy schedule, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Good luck!:flowers:
  3. Thanks for your input Missrocks :flowers:!

    I think I'm going to take a course first to see how it goes from there, and afterwards decide weather I will pursue this hobby (As you mentioned, it might be quite expensive investing in all that equipment right at the beginning. And there is that purse addiction that I need to fund:graucho:).
  4. I would love to take classes for jewelry- and not bead stuff. I think it would be really fun. I looked at my local community college and they don't offer them and I don't see that they regular university does either, at least in non degree seeking. Maybe in the regular art curriculum?
  5. I am doing a beading course and love it and have signed up for a silver and gem course starting september...I cant wait...