Making your own!

  1. I'm really interested in trying to generate a bit of extra income by making my own bag charms... i know diddlysquat about making my own jewellery but i was wondering if any of you girls do?

    Maybe there is a website or book you could recommend? Anything you can suggest would be a great help?

    Thank very much

    S x
  2. i would start by going to a bead store, they help you make jewerly...i love making my own earrings sometimes
  3. Well, I can say that if you're just looking to make some extra cash, get a part time job. You'll make more. :smile: It costs a lot to get set up, learn how to do it properly, and get your name out there to compete with the millions of other people making well as to compete with the mass produced things made in China (or wherever).

    If you want to do it because you love it then go for it! But I think most indie jewelry designers who are trying to sell will tell you that it isn't a quick/easy way to make much extra cash.
  4. i already work a 6 day week! LOL! But i thought it would be fun to make some bits in the evening to sell on eBay and as gifts for friends etc..

    CastoCreations - i am LOVING that bangle in your signature!! GORGEOUS!!

    If anyone else has any other adivse - more about the making rather than the selling point, i'd be really grateful! tia! x
  5. is great and they have free shipping! There's a "Beading Techniques" section that is very helpful. Good luck!
  6. You can also make nice small figurines and such out of super sculpey or fimo clay. Or normal clay for that matter, shame it's so easy to break.

    And if you work with wire, be careful with cutting it. Sometimes small parts have the tendency to fly off into wherever, or into your face.
  7. Six days a week! Wow...well, I'm working 5 at my "real" job and then every night and the weekends is dedicated to my jewelry. I do not have any spare time. But I LOVE making jewelry. LOVE it! That is key. You gotta love it. :smile:

    So...if you want to make things but don't want to 'sell' necessarily or make it a business... I'd suggest the following companies:

    Fire Mountain Gems - Good for Swarovski crystals, charms, wire, tools, but not the best lower end gemstones - they also have tutorials which are nice.

    The Bead Factory - I LOVE THESE GUYS! :smile: They are a local store who I just adore. Best classes ever.

    Shipwreck Beads - Also local to me. Their store is HUGE and their products are good. Great for glass and unusual things like bone and horn.

    Jewelry Supply - I don't *think* you have to have a wholesale license to purchase from them. They have very good quality and varied products.

    A FANTASTIC resource (if I do say so myself) is the Reasonable Insanity forum. The people there are UBER helpful and nice. :smile: Full Disclosure---I'm a moderator there.

    And I'm just warning you now...once you start you'll be hooked! =D
  8. Beautiful!!!

    I am actually thinking about going through GIA school. IF I can work it out I am going to. Ive been DYING to learn.
  9. I completely agree with everything Casto said.:yes: I would also suggest going to a book store and looking through some jewelry making books - there usuallly is a section dedicated to jewelry making in bigger stores. Most books will show you the basic techniques, etc., with pics and diagrams. Also, there are many bead magazines, such as Beadworks, that will show you these same things. Go for quality when looking at tools and findings. I made the mistake, when I first started, of buying cheaper things just to play around Casto said, I quickly became addicted and ended up with lots of junk that I ended up tossing.

    Good luck and have fun!
  10. I learned the hard way that jewellery making is much harder than it looks. I had always underestimated how much design is involved....and I am no designer!!

    I purchased a whole lot of semi precuous stones wholesale, but still spending over $1000. It was at a jewellery fair with my husband. I intended to go home and just create and make gorgeous costume jewellery.

    What I didnt realise is that my colors didnt work as well as I had imagined, the size of the stones didnt work together, and I needed some silver to break it up. But, I didnt want to spend even more $, and becides there was too many choices even in the silver bits. Eventually I made a few neclases that had pink quartz, pearls etc but they are sooooo heavy and look abit old fashioned. Its really hard knowing how long to make it too.

    These days if I admire something I just buy it and have no illusions that it would be easy to copy.

    However, if you have a decent amount of creativity and design skills, you may do better than me!!!
  11. LOL Littlesharon

    I wish more people had the same appreciation. It isn't just a matter of stringing some beads on wire. :smile: I can't tell you how painful it is to have someone come into my booth at a show and whisper (as if I can't hear them) "I could make that" ... *sigh* And I'm sure some of them could but saying it in front of me just kills me! I have invested so much time and $$$$$ ... but that's another issue altogether.
  12. thanks for everyones help, i really appreciate it!! :smile: Casto i can IMAGINE the pain when people say such sarky comments - my mother has a habit of saying such things & i always cringe. Ive never onces thought making jewelery is easy but id really love a hobby.. thats isnt collecting handbags! :smile:
  13. There are lots of books out there to help you learn. That's what I did. Be prepared to spend money though. Getting tools and materials can add up.
  14. i can so relate i sat outside in the heat with my stuff for 2 days and didnt sell a thing....people just looked at it and ate their hot dogs on sticks.......selling anything is a hard job these days!!!
  15. Oh BQueen! I feel your pain! I am trying to avoid any show that has something other than 'selling' going on ... like food or a concert or something. If people are going for the food, they aren't going to shop generally.

    And not selling is SO demoralizing. :sad:

    Although I do like hot dogs on sticks! LOL