Making your bag graffiti

  1. Hi all, I was just talking to my friend who I dont see that often because she lives quite far away from me. Anyway I was talking to her about getting my LV customized in the store by special order and was telling her how they paint them. Then she said to me that she knows about them painting them and she thought it was a great Idea so she got some fabric paint and is going to try and make her speedy graffiti and her keepall with 2 stripes down the left side, one red and one white. But when I got off the phone to her I was thinking, isnt this a bad idea because it will eventually rub off and may look stupid ??. I will 100% get mine done in store because I think this is a bad idea.
  2. bad idea, I am sure LV use special paint and process..
  3. I just cant imagine what her graffiti speedy is going to
    look like with pink paint on it :sad:
  4. LV uses a silk screening for their designs I believe
  5. You come up with some WILD topics...:roflmfao:
    AND for being so young you also have alot of friends that have alot of LV....lucky kids...I was into Gucci at your age...then all start young!!! LOL
  6. I think I'd let LV handle that especially if she'd ever want to sell it!
  7. lol I have such wild friends, some of the things they do :shrugs:. they do the most weird things...where on earth do I meet these people lol. The one im talking about in this thread is really nice and shes one of my few friends who have LV so I like to keep in touch but is she having a mid life crisis painting her LV...what is she thinking ?.
  8. When the graffiti line came out I thought people painted their bags by SO :shame: ,it sounds cool,but IMO I wouldnt do it. What happends if I dont like it?:supacool:
  9. That would be considered an alteration by LV and would not be eligible for any repairs, etc. by LV.
  10. You will not be able to get your keepall painted from LV ... from what I was told they will not personalize/paint any soft luggages such as the keepall.
  11. oooh that's a terrible idea! If she has a 50 year old speedy that's in pieces then maaaaaybe she can experiment but not on a new one! Better get LV to do it for you.
  12. I think her bag is new but she got it some time ago but she hardly uses it, Its a speedy 40 I think.
  13. They'll graffiti your normal speedy? Who knew.
  14. why doesn't she try it out on a cheap fake and see if it works first ?