Making Truffles

  1. I want to make them for my bf for valentines day. I was thinking of using this recipe I saw on the martha stewart show today:
    i realize that traditional truffles don't usually have butter, but they looked very soft and smooth on tv. should i stick to the traditional cream & chocolate or use this recipe?

    also, any tips for making them? thanks :biggrin:
  2. personally, they look good but like a whole lotta work :smile:

    leave it to martha to pick $50 worth of chocolate though :upsidedown:
  3. Poor gal truffle recipe...
    Trust me-they are good!
    30 oreos.
    8 oz cream cheese.
    Put cookies in food processor and crush (or ziploc and rolling pin)
    Add the room temp cream cheese
    Chill in fridge for about 30 min.
    Roll into small balls (I use a cookie dough scoop)
    Chill again for at least an hour.
    Melt white choclate bars or some semi-sweet chocolate and dip balls then chill again. I will put some sprinkles on them while still wet. I have also made these using mint oreos... Yummy! My sister makes them dipping them into Almond Bark.
  4. ^^ That sounds scrumptious! It looks easy enough for someone who is inacapable of cooking out-of-the-box cookies. I think I may try it. Thank you!
  5. My hubby loves them - I make them at Christmas and use red and green sprinkles on the White Chocolate... They are always a hit and truly take the least effort of everything I make during the holidays. :yes: AND they look fancy-schmanzy...;)
  6. The trick to making fantastic truffles is to use highest quality chocolate.

    I get mine from

    You really only need Euro-worthy chocolate chips, whipping cream, and a flavoring to be added at the last minute. I like Frangelico, a hazelnut liquor. After you make truffle balls from choc and cream, you roll them in TOP quality cocoa powder. You can also roll them in finely chopped pecans. Yummy.
  7. that's what i thought so i bought valhorna (sp?) chocolate bars to make it with. but i only have herseys cocoa powder.... perhaps i'll buy something else. thanks :biggrin: