Making Travel a Bit More Comfortable (quick reveal)

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  1. I'm not going to go through the whole unwrap thing today. Just having the urge to get on with the show.

    For some time now I've been lusting after everyone's cashmere shawls--I could certaily use one on those to wrap around my shoulders on cold airline flights. Here is my new Coupons Indiens in Rose Indien/Brique/Burn:

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  2. #2 Aug 10, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
    But nowdays I'd never get on an airplane without a chic carry-on piece. Heck this would even make a great quick weekend getaway bag. Here's my new travel Lindy in Etoupe:

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  3. sooo chic, LA!
  4. oooh la la... you looks ready to jet to paris on your private plane :graucho: can I come along and carry your bag for you? just fab! congrats!
  5. FABULOUS!!!

  6. Looking good, LaurieAnn. :tup: Seems to me like you should take a trip just to celebrate your new items. :yes:
  7. Love it. The Lindy is really nice in the large size
  8. Chic is THE word! Love the shawl and your Lindy is stunning
  9. Gorgeous travel Lindy & shawl.

    When is your next flight? Soon I hope!
  10. Beautiful, what a way to travel in style!
  11. Very chic! The scarf is stunning, but so is that Lindy! Can it also be worn messenger bag style?
  12. Beautiful!!! You look wonderful with them :o) Enjoy them in the best of health and may all your travels be safe and pleasant. Cheers!
  13. oh that is soooo pretty! and it matches the birkin in your avatar!!!
  14. OMG, it is beautiful and the colors suit your fabulously!

  15. Fantastic modeling pics! :heart: Love the shawl and the travel Lindy! Congrats and use them in good health :smile: