Making the case for Plume Elan......

  1. I feel bad for the Plume. Poor, poor style gets so little play, KWIM? So, I thought I'd champion all of its qualities in the hope that there are others out there who may not have considered it before but MIGHT after reading this thread......and seeing some pics.

    Now, a long while ago, I saw a picture of a Plume wearing a gorgeous yellow "Kuna....." scarf and dangling from a bicycle handle. I had to have this bag. HAD to have it. Couldn't find it anywhere except for a reseller in Japan and that put an end to that. And then one day I happened to run across one in the store....tried it on and realized that the Plume 32cm was too large and the the 28cm was too boxy on me. I was pretty bummed. Seemed like this style was just NOT going to work for me.

    And THEN! There I was in NYC and on the shelf was a pretty little bag that just seemed to call out to me. It was the Plume Elan. Never saw one before in my life but tried it on and I was hooked big time! I would have taken that baby home except it was in a leather I don't care for. But ever since then, I'd been on the look out for one.....until I found one just by chance in a color (black) and a leather (Box) and with the grace of all the Hermes Gods, I was able to buy it and bring it home.

    I haven't looked back since and I am totally under its spell. Here's why.

    1. It is completely under-the-radar,
    2. It is completely chic,
    3. It fits everything essential (I do have to edit a little),
    4. It goes from day to night,
    5. It's so lightweight that sometimes you don't even know you're carrying it,
    6. It fits nicely on your lap in restaurants,
    7. It's not bulky so it sits perfectly in the crook of your arm,
    8. It's a terrific cocktail party bag because of it's handles (sometimes you want a clutch and sometimes you don't).
    9. It's appropriate for almost every occassion.

    The Plume Elan GM. 11" x 6-3/4" x 2-3/4" of pure perfection.
    _MG_3691PlumeE1.jpg _MG_3698PlumeE4.jpg _MG_3694PlumeE2.jpg _MG_3696PlumeE3.jpg _MG_3706PlumeE&Me.jpg
  2. Shopmom, you look great with this bag (and black Box, really, this combination just suits you totally).
    I know this is a thread about your Plume Elan, and I don't know where you are in your Kelly25 situation, but just have to say, all those things in 1-9 are exactly the reasons I love the Kelly25 so much too. Maybe I'll have to try the Plume Elan some time.
  3. Lovely, and very chic with your new pochette.
  4. Your Honor, I think Shopmom has won her case:yes:
  5. I have the mini-Plume, which I adore.
  6. Ack, just what I need...another beautiful bag to add to my wishlist! I love the roominess of the 32 Plume, but just don't know if I can pull it off--quite big and boxy on me. The Plume Elan sounds perfect.
  7. Your purse is beautiful. And I agree, black box really suits you.
  8. Wow.

    I've never seen one I liked so much as yours SM! Brava on a wonderful score. She's absolutely lovely (as are you)!

  9. D - that plume with the snail cadena is just darling! looks perfect on you!

    and the scarf - major drool!!!!!!!!!
  10. D, I think it's gorgeous, and if I didn't already have my "oldy" 13 yearold regular 32 Plume, I would definately prefer the Elan.....:yes:
  11. Hey! I recently saw that bag at a Black Box Bags Anonymous meeting!!! :roflmfao:

    Great case for the plume, I agree!
  12. There was a Plume Elan mini in black lizard at the SF store last week that was just stunning! A perfect evening bag.....I never thought I'd say this but if I were presented with both a croc Plume Elan GM and a JPG Kelly clutch, I would have a hard time deciding between the two. The Plume Elan GM is just so easy to carry!
  13. What does adding the "elan" change about the bag? Just wondering.

    Oh, and lest I forget, you look great in that, as you do with everything, Shopmom!

  14. Heeheeeheee......must have been me OR HG!!!!!!
  15. S'mom,

    You must post a picture of your Plume Elan wearing a scarf ala the Yellow Kuna scarf! I think the Plume was made to be decoratd with scarves!