Making The Band

  1. Anyone catching any episodes of the continuation of the girl band?

    What do you think of them? Any comments positive or negative?
  2. I missed it last night! But, I saw the other 2 seasons and think they have put together a talented group of ladies. I wonder what will come of them in the future?? Do you like/dislike them?
  3. I like the show but I was not feeling Diddy's comments about D.Woods/Wanita. He told her she was a burger away. TV puts 10lbs on you already and she doesn't look big. Some of the other girls need to eat a little bit. D.Wood/Wanita looks like the average women in my community we've got booty and hips. I thought Diddy's comment were totally uncalled for.

    On another note, do you remember when they were choosing the band there was a girl named Tiffany on the show? Tiffany is the one who hurt her hip. Well, Miss Tiffany was only 15 yrs old and wasn't suppose to be on the show. People who knew her starting calling radio/tv so she was asked not to come back after that. Also Dominque the girl from DC who could sing but not dance is going to go solo with them.
  4. aprild, hey thanks for sharing that insider info!! Definetly stuff I didn't know. And I am so with you! I could have easily kicked Diddy for that burger comment. Wanita is a beautiful woman and I can't believe he said that. It was funny though in their performance she is the only one that got the crowd moving. I hope she can stay strong and prove him wrong!
  5. they are all talented, but miss Aubrey needs to realize that it's a group, and she's not solo (yet). they need to step up their game because they have so much potential.
  6. I love MTB3. I was watching last night and I felt sorry for Shannon. She just wasnt getting the vocals together. The whole group sounded awful though.
  7. ^ i agree blackbutterfly. by the way what LV bag does Aubrey carry..the denim one with the red straps? i've never seen it IRL..?
  8. I am happy to hear about Dominique, she is wonderful.
    I thought the group sounded like ass, they were each trying to be the "big voice" & did not sound like a group. I loved when D.Woods was the only one the audence liked & she is def not heavy. Aubrey is not the greatest thing ever as she seems to think.
    I am ashamed that I know so much about this stupid show.
  9. really i think her bag is fake!

    doesn't this look like what she had?
  10. that was my first assumption that its hideous and that cant be real.. i mean did the neo speedy EVER come out in red. ICK! she REALLY needs to stop acting like shes the $h!t with a fake bag ;)
  11. Aubrey's hair looks terrible brown! Did you see Diddy's reaction when he saw it? She better got those blonde highlights back in quick.
  12. I was wondering the same thing!! I've never seen that bag before..
  13. "Hey....YO YO YO YO....My name is Aubrey...." :sick:

    OMG, I was laughing my butt off when she said that!!
  14. I went to undergrad with Aubrey. We actually lived in the same apt complex & she lived with one of my really good friends. She dropped out last year to finish filming the second season of making the band 3.
  15. i know!! that was HILARIOUS!! :roflmfao:

    That whole segment they did was funny because the crown was not paying any attention!!