Making The Band 4...

  1. WHO'S GOING to watch the new season starting January 28th @ 10pm on MTV? Where they are going to be living w/ Danity Kane making their albums?
  2. "Diddy" is such a media whore. That being said, I will be watching! LOL.
  3. LOL ! yes he is. ah well i'll def. be watching...its bound that someone will hook up in that house!
  4. thres a 4th one? i remember watching the first making the band with o-town hahahahaha whenever that was, along time ago!
  5. yeahhh i remember o-town..but yes, he has gone on to making the bad 4 (Season 2)

    lets se... MTB2 was that rap group called "DA BAND" but they broke up...

    MTB3 was Danity Kane..and now MTB4 is the r&b boy band (still have to make a name for their group..)

  6. He said he is going to have all 3 compete to see who can put out a record first...I know the boy band, and DK, but who is the third? I heard him say Donny? Who is that?

    Yeah Diddy is a media whore...a little too much lik the Trumpster if you ask me. Like he cant be in an interview without pluggin some perfume he is selling. I cant blame him, he is a go getter!
  7. OH Donny is one of the guys trying out for Making the Band 4...but instead of "Making the Band" Diddy made him a solo artist b/c he was the most popular guy out of all the contestants! I dont know if people had to vote for who they wanted to be in the group...i think so though on or so..and i think Donny got the most votes?
  8. i'll be watching! there is a special sneak peak or something tomorrow (Saturday 1-19) at 1pm.
  9. OOOH THanks for the info ChanelGirlE, that central or pacific time?
  10. I love Danity Kane..I wish they would do something though?! I haven't even seen a cd or music video besides that one :-/

  11. Oh I missed all that...I never go on Did they pick another guy then to replace him in the band?

    I am going to TIVO tomm at 1pm now :tup:
  12. No! I dont't think I'll be able to stomach Diddy'd pompous ass!!!!
  13. I know I'll be watching...there's gonna be D-R-A-M-A!!!!! OOooohhhh boy!!!
  14. yeah I'll be watching!!