Making that tough first purchase

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  1. I usually hang out at the Bottega Veneta subforum, also have admired the Chanel for years and years.

    I am thinking about buying my first Chanel, to be used as an everyday bag. Here are the stats on me:
    53 years old, 5'2" average build. Love the caviar leather and prefer the gold hardware. Not a fan of big logos.

    Thinking the large or jumbo classic flap ( bag needs to be 12"W or wider to comfortably fit my everydat stuff) as my first Chanel purchase.

    Bag needs to be sturdy, I don't want to worry about it 24/7, but also do not like the distressed look.

    All you CC experts, what do you suggest for this Chanel wanna be? Many thanks in advance.

    P.S. If only I had purchased in Oct 06, when my bag obsession resurfaced after years of dormancy. The Chanel price increases are outrageous!
  2. I will say get the black caviar jumbo flap or GST:tup:
  3. I get confused, what is the GST?
  4. Oh and welcome to the Chanel forum :flowers:
  5. Another vote for the GST. It's the type of bag that you don't have to worry about. It's open top so you can just throw anything in there as you wish. It's boxy so it can stand on its own, not to mention it's very roomy too...:graucho:
  6. Thanks for your ideas.

    Me9, why the GST and not the Jumbo flap?

    I should add, I think bags that are more north-south look better on me because I am short. The east-west bag adds width. Which of these is more n-s, gst or flap?
  7. I think the jumbo flap would be perfect for you!
  8. Well I am about your age and your size. I know you wrote you did not like logos but the CC logo on the PST is very subtle. I own it is caviar with gold hardware and it is my favorite Chanel. I think this open top tote style is very convenient for every day use. There is a larger tote called the GST but this was too heavy for me. I tried both on in the Chanel boutique and the smaller PST was the correct choice.
  9. either jumbo or the PST( the latter is absolutely gorgeous with G/H!):yes:
    oh welcome to Chanel too!:smile:
  10. Based on everything you wrote, bags'rus, -- I say GST.

    A jumbo flap is not larger than 12" -- that would be the vintage XL jumbos and they have huge CC turnlock. (which I love for some reason but can appreciate something more understated)

    GST is n-s and 13" (I believe).

    Good luck!
  11. Thanks to all of you for making me feel so welcome to the Chanel forum. I think you have helped me narrow this down to a jumbo flap or a GST or PST, black caviar with gold hardware. Good work y'all.

    I am awaiting the arrival of my second Bottega Veneta and will have to recover from that purchase. (I negotiated with DH to buy the BV in exchange for an entire clothes and accessory ban until 3/31/08.) But next up, I will probably be in pursuit of the classic, timeless Chanel.

    Best wishes during this holiday season.....May it bring each and everyone of you all of your bag wishes, and then some!
  12. You are a great negotiatior...congrats!!!!!:heart:H

  13. bags'rus, I bought my first Chanel bag in September and went with the black jumbo caviar flap, even though I am usually a tote kind of girl. If fact, that's probably one of the reasons I got it. It's classic, fits a lot, and always looks right, whether with casual or formal clothes. I think a tote is generally just more casual.

    Whatever you get next year, I am sure you will be delighted with it!