Making some collection changes!

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    Hi everyone, well I decided this week i'll be selling my mono artsy mm and my mono NF gm, to help fund 3 new bags. I'm determined to get 3 different totes and have them all be the 3 different prints.

    and the 3 bags on my list are

    Damier Ebene NF GM (because this is an everyday bag I realized my mono handles did not evenly tan and I want an everyday bag that will look new for years... I hate being conscious about my school bag)

    Artsy GM Azur vs Artsy MM Azur : Which do you think is better? I have a mono artsy MM and I find that it is so uncomfortable to carry on my shoulder!! I heard that the GM is more comfortbale, is this true? Please consider that I am looking for an azur tote for summer... so if you suggest a different bag for an errand and everday summer bag, LMK!!!

    Delightful GM vs MM: I love the delightful and teh fact that it looks so comfy, casual, etc. Which one do you think is better?


    ETA: Reminder that selling/buying/trading is NOT permitted on tPF.
  2. I'm not sure why you'd get another Artsy when you think the one you have is uncomfortable -- a new one is just going to need breaking in and hurt even more initially! I'd have assumed that the GM would be heavier because it's bigger therefore more uncomfortable, as well, though I could well be wrong. Either way, I'd recommend the Galliera because you mentioned discomfort carrying the Artsy.

    Love the zips on the Delightful GM, so I'd recommend that depending on how tall you are... if you're on the shorter side the GM would probably swamp you. ;)
  3. Delightful snd galliera mono don't ate well so query whether you would want those bags given your experience with the mono neverfull?
  4. I would suggest Azur Galliera as a summer tote as well... It's very comfy but it does have a lot of vachetta that you need to take care of. Otherwise, the Azur Cabas is really gorgeous but casual only...

    An Azur Artsy will feel the same as the mono one... GM or PM... especially if you find it's the handle that is making it feel uncomfortable.

    Instead of the Delightful, maybe try the Portobello in Ebene... that way you won't need to deal with the extra vachetta.

    So Ebene Portobello, Azur Galliera, and keep mono Artsy.
  5. I feel the same way about my mono neverfull; I am thinking of selling her to get a DE since I can't stand the handles. But I bought it preloved so the dark handles came when I got it... :sad: I sat it down at the salon yesterday and when I looked at it, all I saw was dirty dark handles... Time to go!

    (I just sold me mono speedy to get a de speedy so maybe I'm switching to DE?)
  6. I have the mono artsy GM and think it is uncomfortable.
  7. I just feel as if the Galliera is a bag I should get when I'm older? I'm 18, I feel like that big is way more sophisticated.... hm.... my Mono Artsy is not quite broken in, and it's not so much the handle that is uncomfortable but the fact that the bag like rubs my armpit or that It's difficult to wear with a cardigan or anything, I heard the GM has a larger drop... Is this true OhAbby? Also, not such a big fan of portobello :/ lol

    As for the delightful- I don't mind the patina because I will not be using this as an everyday bag and I love patina, it's just my neverfull is for school and I see it getting destroyed from OVER usage. Also, with the drawstrings and the leafs I feel as if It's so hard to get a nice, even patina.
  8. I have a DE NF MM...not such a big fan now because of the peeling and cracking straps.
    Before, I opted for the ebene because I thought it would practically last a long time without it looking old. Now I wished I just got a Monogram NF MM. JMO.
    Good luck deciding :smile:
  9. HOw do you store your bag?
  10. I store the Neverfull lying down with the straps lying down.
    I thought storing it upright might make the cracking worse.
  11. Have you ever conditioned the handles?
  12. I like your choices considering all three are on my wish list :smile: but since you say the artsy is uncomfortable why don't you consider the Totally in azur. I was never a big fan of the totally but I've seen 3 over the last few days and have fallen in love. I think I'm going to get this one next summer.
  13. artsy azur mm and delightful mm