Making shoes fit smaller?

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  1. Is there something you ladies would suggest that I could put into a shoe to say, make it a half size smaller? there are a pair of Steve Maddens that I really want but they only have a 8 1/2 and I wear an 8 in Maddens. Any suggestions?
  2. In-soles. Or - eat a bag of chips a few hours before you need to wear them so you retain water and your feet blow up. (kidding:lol: )
  3. heel grips
  4. I have the same problem! I recently ordered two pairs of shoes from SM and when they arrived they were at least half a size too big! My feet keep falling out of them when I try to walk.
    And since I'm in Japan it's a hell of a lot of trouble to return them:crybaby:

    Where can I get heel grips?
  5. You can go to most dept stores (Nordies, NM, Saks) and buy them from the shoe dept. Or you can even get them from the drug store (eckerds, CVS, Rite Aid). They will stop your feet from sliding up and your foot won't flop out. You can also put something in the back of the shoe if you need that too. I generally need those because I have narrow ankles (the smallest part on my body).
  6. You can purchase in-soles in any shoe store. They usually make the shoe at least 1/2 smaller. I know Aldo Shoes sells them.
  7. ALL my SA's at NM and Saks give me the insole thingies..I have one foot ALOT bigger so the other foot needs a little space taken up..Works great for me!
  8. I buy my heel grips at DSW all of the time, but I noticed that Nordies and other stores carry them as well. I bet that you can get some online if you do a google.
  9. Most shoe repair places carry a variety of insets for shoes.
  10. you could an insole into it, i have found that snugs things up,
    heel grip if you're having issues with your heel slipping.
  11. Im having the same problem with a pair of peep-toe pumps, so insoles wont really work since the front is semi-opened... Ill try heel grips tho.. any other suggestions??

    I have this problem alot since I have tiny fee (size 5) and struggle to find nice shoes in my size.
  12. Dr Scholl's makes great thick gelly type insoles. I am a 5.5 but most of my shoes are size 6. I find with these insoles they fit nice and snugly.
  13. Dr. Scholl's also has gel insoles for open toed shoes. I bought a pair I found that they work wonderfully.
  14. one time i needed to borrow my mom's shoes and she wears an entire size bigger than me, so i stuffed a couple of cotton balls in the front. It was actually really comfortable, but it's only a temporary solution because you can't leave them in there.
  15. oh wow, thanks for the advice all!

    Cottonballs sound great and im definitly going to look for the open toe insoles :smile: