Making room? One out?

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2014
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    Hey ladies so my "local" mulberry outlet called and said they had some blush Alexa's and I MUST HAVE one but unfortunately my funds are low so I might have to sell another one first. I've narrowed my decision down to three bags:

    Sbs cookie/ Large as lily/ calf hair alexa ( problem with this one is its corners are balding and I don't think I can make much from it)

    What do you ladies think?

    A reminder that selling/buying/trading is NOT permitted here
  2. I'd say the cookie SBS.

    1. Too girly for IMHO.
    2. They slouch way too much.
    3. Fortunately, they were really popular, so if it is in good condition, I think you can get a very good price.

    Maybe try the calf hair Alexa as well. Are you using it at all or do you intend to sell it anyway?

    I'd say definitely keep the large Lily. I think they are very practical in case you might need to carry something extra while you are out for dinner/drinks/party/etc.
  3. Put the Alexa and sbs up for sale. You may sell both which would mean guilt free shopping!:tup:
  4. I think so too the calf hair bag I've tried to sell but I don't think I can get what I need for the other bag for it!