Making room for more BE's...!?

  1. Happy to say that I've already purged a considerable amount of RM's, Gucci's, a Dior, some HH's and NR's! Its so nice to be able to buy guilt its nice to have that extra cash since DH and I have this thing about paying everything in full to remain debt free (especially in this economy!). :yes:
  2. Thanks Lovebags and Mayajuliana.:blush:

    :idea:I'm thinking I need to become good friends with all the ladies that gift out their bags.:nuts:
  3. ^You ARE a great mod, suzi! :yes: Thanks for all of the work you do to establish such a respectful, orderly yet very fun environment here (no mean feat to juggle all of those plates).

    I have done a massive bag purge these year, starting late summer. I have gotten rid of many RMs, LVs, Ani Bags, HHs, Prada accessories, and a Bal (I am literally talking about downsizing from 30+ bags down to 6 or so). I have a few more RMs that I would still like to sell (in favor of some BE accessories, a Bal, and an RM). Whew!

    I am forever tweaking my collection and to tell the truth I am much happier with it the smaller it gets. I feel more secure in my tastes and each bag gets more use -- which is why I bought them in the first place! ;)
  4. I need to take a leaf out of your books. I have never sold a bag and as a result the collection is getting bigger and bigger with many bags never seeing the light of day.

    I will have to purge soon. I just love them all so so much!:confused1:
  5. ^^^ Thus the name Morebags, yes?:roflmfao:

    Loquita -Thanks for the kind words and I'm with you. Less is more for me right now. I am finally secure with knowing what I love and am so happy with my collection right now.
  6. I've sold a few bags on the Bay this year, but that's because I like to only have a few bags at any one time. I'm trying to be very mindful of all of my choices because I don't like the cycle of buy on clearance/don't use it/sell it on eBay cycle. I've done that a couple of times and I'm trying to learn to be more careful with my choices in the first place. I haven't ordered anything from the SS sale because I'm not yet sure what would be best for my needs. There are many lovely choices but not sure what's lovely for me yet.

    It's hard to hold tight with all these deals, though!
  7. I have run out of bags to sell to get new handbags... I am not trying to make room for more BEs, but i'd love to love and keep my future TME in DG with SHW... She'd made bag number 9 and i have bag number 10 on her way from the US (non-BE, though).... I'd like to have only 10 bags in my collection, but that's highly unlikely...
  8. I can't make any room for more BEs at the minute :nogood:. I'm at optimum handbag capacity and I don't sell any of my bags. I've just had a big clear-out as well!:push: Think I've got 9 or 10 bags in total, 5 of which are BE, and that's not including clutches or APs etc - yikes! Luckily I like them all!
  9. I have sold two bags recently and so am quite happy with my collection of 6 bags at the moment. I hate owning too many bags and having to constantly rotate wearing them!
  10. Wow - I need to take a page out of all of you who have narrowed your collections down's book! I've purged but then bought more and I still have a lot of bags - waaaay more than 10 that's for sure. In my defense, I'm well over 40 and thus have had many years of collecting, but still I need to stop buying bags that are a "great deal" and only buy bags I am totally in love with AND that work for me!
  11. I'm in the crowd that likes to keep a small number of bags. For everyday bags, I mainly use 3 BE bags and 1 RM bag. I'm hoping to add a Dark Grey LM Midi to my collection soon.

    This year, I got rid of two Coach bags and two LP bags that I stopped using. I still have 5 more bags (RM, Coach, LP, Kenneth Cole) that I'll probably get rid of next year. I hate having bags that just sit in the closet.

    Last week, I bought a Coach Platinum Bridgit at an outlet. I may be going back to return it. It's a nice bag, but I wonder if it is too young looking for me, especially after seeing a picture in the Coach forum of a 13 year old girl wearing the same bag!:push:
  12. It is painful getting rid of unused handbags, isn't it... But afterwards, it really does feel better. Once you have your collection to a comfortable number for you, try the "one in, one out" rule.
  13. I actually don't miss the 4 bags that I got rid of this year because I like my BE bags a lot more.

    I sold two of my LP bags and bought my Black Crash TME Midi around the same time. It worked out great since I sold two bags I no longer used and ended up with my favorite bag of all time plus an extra $160. :smile:
  14. ^^^Good job!
  15. I'm with you, morebags. I know I have to do it, but I have (twice now!) bought a bag that was so similar to one I sold that I tell myself, no - can't do it, can't sell LOL! I do wonder though...many times I have stopped myself from an impulse buy because I do have bags that fulfill the purpose/look in my closet. So maybe in the long-run it saves some money (I know, I know...fooling myself :nogood:). ETA: I will say I do use all my I take some comfort in that. 'Tho DH says, you can only wear one bag at a time!