Making Ravioli...Questions

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  1. Last night I made ravioli from scratch. I found my actual pasta maker extremely easy to use (for rolling out flat pieces of dough)...however the ravioli attachment was a HORROR!! I am so upset over it. They sort of resemble ravioli but they all just started falling apart as they were coming out of the machine.
    Do you use an actual machine to make ravioli or a mold? I may invest in a mold. I love ravioli and have tons of filling ideas and make some sauces that I really love when I bought the store bought kind of ravioli. I wanted to try to make them myself but was extremely upset with the results.
  2. I fold a sheet of pasta over the filling, gently press down around where the filling is using the edge of my hand, then use a scone cutter (like this). (You can buy ravioli cutters, but I just use the cutters I already have.) You can press the edges gently to make sure they're sealed, if you're worried about it.
  3. I don't use a machine when I make ravioli.

    When I make ravioli, I just cut out squares about 2"x2". Then I take one square, put the filling down, and then use an egg wash (one egg with a little bit of water whisked about) and draw around the edges with my finger. Then I lay another square on top and press the edges together.

    The egg wash really helps hold everything together. I use a lot of flour to make sure that the sheets are easy to work with before, so the egg wash seals things up.

    You can also make triangles, pyramids, this list goes on!