Making purse here but need help

  1. My wife is liking to make purse like in America but wonder why so small are these purses? Perhaps you help make bigger purse for thing like AK-47 magazines and car jumper leads?

    Is sexy and fashionable to have a purse for these thing?
  2. I don't understand what you're trying to say/ask?
  3. Sounds like someone is looking to "Borat" as a role model... gimme a break.
  4. I saw Borat but want to give the benefit of the doubt. . .
  5. Why not just embellish the plain and in my view, not very beautiful, nylon zip bags of the appropriate size? Even the most boring AK bag can become a real conversation piece with the addition of just a few beads, rhinestones, faux pearls, a snippet or two of ribbon and lace - and don't forget a cute charm for the zipper pull!
  6. He's asking about bags to hold AK-47 magazines (machine gun ammo) and car jumper cables! He's making fun of how large our purses are... and if you check his other posts they are just as bizarre.
  7. MisterB
    Welcome to the Purse Forum! I hope that your can learn lots about style in America - and we too can learn about the fashion that you have in Uzbekistan. I think that some of your designers are very fashion forward. I would love to know how I could purchase a thong like this for my boyfriend?

    Are there any designer impresarios who make purses of similar designs? Look forward to hearing from you.
  8. I like your picture avatar Sir. Very beautiful woman, is that wife of your purchase?
  9. ^^^
    Uhmmm - not sure that I would say beautiful... striking yes - but I do find her gaze to me enigmatic - you know that the more I stare at her - the more I wonder what she is thinking....

    Is she an It-girl from Uzbekistan? (Like our own Paris Hilton?)
  10. Someone really needs to get their own material instead of stealing other people's routines.

    Is there a 2 drink minimum for this thread or what?
  11. I'll be here all week. Try the veal!
  12. No, is just upside down. I not want to confuse you ok?