Making peace with the fact that I am not a monogram girl.

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  1. Ok, I finally admit it. I don't think I will have many mono bags in my collection . It is beautiful and classic but I don't like the patina process. The early patina I can deal with the darker, I can't. I find myself constantly looking for mono pieces that have the least amount of vachetta leather. Which means most mono bags aren't for me. That's my dirty little secret. The classic pieces just don't work for me. In a way I feel bad about it but that is my truth.

    I do like mono dogs. But I think generally that is where the buck stops for me
  2. I mean slgs. Typo.
  3. I love patina and when it does get too dark u can always send to have the leather replaced and get a like new bag :smile:
  4. I love mono and I love the patina :smile:

    as Benswife said .. You can replace it
    when it gets darker ..
  5. That is the beauty of LV. You don't like monogram? You have Ebene, Epi, empreinte, idylle and so on and so on. :graucho:
  6. I totally get how you feel! I love certain bags but worry a bit. I Find Myself loving DE bags more BUT i do love them and try to get my "bang for my buck" also i choose to have alil of variety cause i have 2DD. I always find myself using my Ebene pieces the most :smile: im just a Ebene Girl at heart and although mono is classic it screams flashy to me since im in a small city KWIM :shrugs: if i was in LA i wouldnt care LOL
  7. Oh, the patina. I love the mono print but the vachetta is a turn off. At one point it starts looking nasty and I just can't deal with black handles. I replaced the handles on my beloved speedy last year but am now so scared of getting them stained again that the joy has gone from wearing it :nogood: I think I will start buying damier ebene only, although I don't like it as much as mono.
  8. I wish they would release the speedy and neverfull in macassar!... and maybe the alma mm in macassar too..
  9. Same here!!!!!!!
  10. As for me, i always feel like vanchetta is the exotic pint of lv monos. And its aging process is what makes mono lvs unique. I love monos.:love:
  11. Hmmm this is hard I do want a bag which I can take out and not worry about rain marks but i did take it out in the rain and because my bag is pre-loved the marks went away because the bag has a nice dark colour.
  12. I'm not a mono girl, but only because there are too many fakes out there...

    I like the patina process. But any bags I don't like or no longer used are put up for sale... OP, you can still enjoy mono, just sell before the patina annoys you! :biggrin:
  13. I've edited down my collection over the years and now my only mono bags are my LE Speedys. I do love mono SLG's.
  14. I lean more towards the DE as well. It's easier to care for, doesn't cause me to flip out in sudden downpours and just has a look that appeals to me a bit more.

    Having said that, I'm not opposed to wearing mono in the summer for a more casual look. And, because I don't use my mono everyday, I'm less worried about the handles.
  15. I love mono and patina! However, two mono bags are enough for me.