Making out like a bandit on eBay

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  1. I usually stick to selling on eBay, but sales have been sluggish. I have started bidding more often on bags and have gotten some steals. I just saw a large Hayden Harnett purse in excellent condition got for about $80! I'm bummed that I missed out on bidding, but seriously, it unreal how good some of the deals are at the moment.
  2. I agree!
    There are some Chloe's too that are selling for half of what there were a few months ago.
  3. yes! I am making a killing right now too... boots & sunnies & bags..
  4. Now sure is the best time of hunting for bargains.
  5. You girls see any BAL deals, PM ME PLZ....!!
  6. WAIT... what kind of boots????? I LURVE boots!

  7. ^^ lol "lurve" :roflmfao:

    yeah, umm a few pairs!! ... ugg sunburst (don't hate - it gets to -40 where I live...) a pair of Chloe's and a pair of Bronx KIIII-LLLLLLERRRRR boots that I just love!

    what have you been scorin?
  8. oh AND .. there was a Black GSH Giant Envelope Clutch a few weeks ago THAT WENT FOR UNDER $300!!

    i was at work when that ended and forgot to bid.. it's still keeping me up at night!
  9. Nothin! Have not even been considering BOOTS, as it's 105 degrees here every freaking day. UGGS are some of my favs, Hon.. have about 10 pair. Be happy as hell to wear those every day.. but our COLD (50 degrees!) weather is about 3 months out of the year.
    Chloes.. I always wanted their flat Equestrian boots....
  10. Summer is a buyer's market. Always a time to stock up. It's even better this year but I also feel bad for the sellers. It is obvious when somone is having financial issues and listing their bags at bottom dollar to pay bills.
  11. ^^^^

    I agree. I have a Chanel at 50% off. Been used 4 times and it still isn't selling :sad: I wouldn't sell if I didn't need the money, but even 50% off isn't enough.
  12. I agree Ladies. Not a good time to sell. But the deals Ive been getting are awesome! ME likey!
  13. Here's what's cracking me up. I'm finding Chloe shoes that were featured on Yoox's 70 percent off sale being sold on ebay for 2-3X their sale cost. Gotta know your prices! No deals in size 39 in Chloe ebay land.
  14. I've been selling! My items are kinda at low prices, but hey whatever.

    On a buying note-- I just scored a great deal on a pair of jeans that normally go for $170+ and let's just say that I'm soo excited.
  15. You are right. In the summer, prices are always much lower on Evay. People are out and about, too busy to be on the bay. Weather gets cooler, more people are buying. School starts, and moms are on the bay more. I am sure this economic downturn is also contributing to even lower prices! I haven't been shopping the bay too much as I now go over to Bonanzle - but I really should take a look at some bags that I have been wanting - some other brands besides Balenciaga.

    I love the Miu Miu bow bags, and I just rec'd my first one a couple of weeks ago. So, I thought I would check Evay out to see what were being offered there - any great deals, etc. But the ones that I see on Evay are SOOOO expensive. And I think that they are being offered by resellers who bought them new during the Miu Miu Sales, and now they are trying to sell them for $1899. I don't see any of them being sold though! Hahahaha!