Making Offers

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  1. I need help. I certainly don't want to insult or offend any sellers but I have no idea how much to offer on a purchase. How much does a seller expect to discount the item? How close to the BIN price should the offer be? I know better than to offer a small amount on a high end product but how low do you go? Is there a % rule to use? Thanks for any help.
  2. no rule really since there are a lot of factors to consider such as the brand, design, color, it a d/c item...or LE many things to consider

    if you really wanna push it 200-150 off the BIN is the most sellers would agree to

    but ive offered for an item that was $50 off the bin and seller declined..considering the bag's condition....go figure
  3. It really depends on the item. I've listed a bag at $2800 OBO and accepted an offer of $2050 (I was desperate, though - it was listed for over 4 months!). Usually if it's around $500, I won't go under $400. Just make an offer that seems reasonable to you, and not ridiculous - I once had an offer of $20 on a $1000 handbag!!! That's just rude IMO!
  4. It also depends how close to retail the seller lists the item at. If I know that he/she is listing about 100 bucks over retail, I'll subtract 100 bucks from my offer. If I feel their BIN is quite reasonable, I'll do maybe 20 - 50 bucks less.
  5. It depends on the seller so try your luck and if your offer is rejected, ask the seller what they're hoping to ahieve for the item to get a better understanding of the best price they'll accept.
  6. Just give it a shot. With any luck the seller will come back with a counter offer and you can haggle out a deal from there if you think it's worth the price. Gotta start somewhere.
  7. I usually offered about 20% to 25% off the asking price.
  8. I would try 20%-30% off the BIN. The higher priced the item the higher % off. I bought a MJ purse for best offer of $400 and the BIN was $500 so 20%.
  9. Offer what you are willing to pay. Who knows, if they've been trying to sell it for a while and have had no offers they might just take yours to get it out of their hands ;)
  10. As a seller on principle if the item is used I typically list them at 20-25% off retail. I set my offer settings to automatically reject anything less than 70% of my BIN (or 55-60% of retail) and then consider the others.

    But most of my bags and items still look brand new so it all depends on the wear and tear. However, I had the same person sending me $75 offers for a $398 bag everytime I relisted it. That is just ridiculous in my opinion, but once I set auto-decline my blood pressure returned to normal.

    To agree with others, send what you are comfortable with depending on the condition of the bag. Other factors to consider are original retail, if the bag was being sold in an outlet or discounted at department stores already, etc...
  11. I always assume the seller wants close to the price. it can be tricky as if you really want it, someone else could offer higher...
  12. Lately, with the BIN special going on, I have seen many Chanel bags selling for $400-$500 (or more) less than the asking price. You know that you can only make three offers on a particular item. If you make the first offer, and it is immediately rejected, the seller probably has auto-reject on. You can always message the seller to get a better idea of what she is looking for if your first two offers are rejected, rather than waste your last (and final) offer.
  13. I keep my BINs and Best offers about $20 apart.