Making offers on Ebay

  1. I made an offer on eBay for the first time, but I'm not sure exactly how it works. I understand that if the seller accepts, I "win" the auction and I pay for it. But can I make another offer if the seller declines? Right now my offer is pending. I'm just wondering if I get another chance to buy the bag if my offer gets declined.

    Sorry, last question, if you decide that you don't want the bag, can you back out of an offer? just wondering...

  2. You can make another offer if the seller declines, but an offer is like a bid and you can't back out. Hope this helps a little!
  3. Actually, now with high-end bags you are limited to one offer per item. So it's a good idea to email the seller first through eBay to find out whether he/she would accept that offer should you submit it...
  4. thanks bulletproof and stylefly!

    I should've asked the seller first but I was so excited to see the bag on Ebay that I made a very quick offer. Now I'm afraid it may get declined and I'll lose it. I'm still waiting for a response. But I know for next time, thanks!
  5. Oh! Thanks for pointing this out, I was unaware of this! :tup:
  6. Oh, interesting, I did not realize that. All best offers used to be like that, and then they changed it, but now this category is one offer only again? Hmm. I wonder what the trigger is for that rule to go into effect, whether it's a $$$ amount, or a brand name?
  7. I was making an offer on a high-end bag, and 3 was the maximum.
  8. ^ good to know, thank you!
  9. I am unclear as to how many offers you can make but keep in mind an offer is binding...
  10. Wow, I didnt know either. Maybe that's why I have watchers on a BIN/Offer, and no buyers!