Making New Friends Everyday!

  1. Well, I think I fell in love with a new one.

    (Sorry, the photo was HUGE)

    To buy or not to buy!

    Anyways, I went to LV today to pick my mom up a "little something". Couldn't help but pose with that bag. SO LOVELY!
    They also have the LVOE, andd some new bubble rings.

    ;) If you're lucky, I'll show you what my mom got.
  2. its cute, but not really my style. looks great on you though.
  3. that looks really cute on you GET IT!!
  4. Get it, the Olympe line bags are wonderful. I can't stop petting my Nimbus:love:
  5. wow....a fab looking bag! if you love it, get it. :yes:
  6. If you don't get it, can you let us know which store it's in?
  7. It looks great on you. I think you should get it.
  8. bag is cute, but i like the pm style better.

  9. I love the cloud line! I think the bag is too big. Maybe you can go for pm instead.
  10. The store is in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
    They have a few others, you should check it if you're looking!
  11. Is it just me or does that bag look absolutely HUGE?
  12. buy it! i love it! what did ur mom get?!?!
  13. I was thinking the same thing! The braided straps look like they are as thick as the OP's arms!! She looks like SHE could fit in the bag. I love the cloud line, but this bag is way to big for my taste.
  14. wow it's biiggg :shocked: You should get it!!! it's to pretty to leave it all cold in the Lv boutique :nuts:
    What did you get your mom?!??
    Pics please :flowers:
  15. That is one HUGE bag !