Making my final decision! :)

  1. I need a bit of help! :smile: I'm finalizing my first LV purchase! I was originally going to blow all my money there, but then I caught onto Hermes...and..well..I want to have an even amount for both now XD Now I have to make a decision based on a few issues. One, the bag is to be used everyday, for class (I don't have much in the way of books, being an English major I just have novels and a notebad :yes:) and for outside of class. Two, I am purchasing a few Hermes Twillys and Pocket Squares, so they have to look good tied onto the bag :yes: Anyhoo, here is what I'm trying to decide between:

    Choice 1: The Batignolles Horizontal + the wallet with zip pocket

    Choice 2: The Tulum GM (and get the wallet in a few weeks)

    Opinions? ^_^ Any other recommendations would be alright too, but fyi I don't carry handbags due to my clumsy/forgetfulness, and I don't use messenger bags/backpacks. They just don't fit my look :shame:
  2. The BH would be perfect! When I'm in school, I just put my notebooks inside and take them out after classes are over.
  3. Are you more into mono, damier, epi, vernis, etc? I love the damier saleyas, and the damier azurs are really pretty too. Probably a MM size one would be good for every day use...or even PM. The mono cabas pianos, mezzo, and popincourt haut are reallllly gorgeous too.

    in terms of what you're already considering, I'd definitely go for the BH, as i ADORE that bag and I'm planning on getting that myself some time in the future. LOVE the fact that you're already planning a matching wallet...:supacool:
  4. The Choice 1 sounds like a good combo^^
  5. i love the batignolles horizontal for school.
  6. I'm think I'm going to stick with Mono as my first piece, then I'll branch out later with the other lines (I already am hardcore COVETING a MC Wapity :love:) I thought about a popincourt haut but it seemed so much smaller in person o-o
  7. i love the bh
  8. I vote for the first choice.
  9. 1st choice!
  10. The BH and the wallet...I'm not a fan of the Tulum!
  11. Choice 1.
  12. BH and wallet definitely!! :yes:
  13. 1st choice :smile:!
  14. Ditto! :yes: The GM especially.
  15. Choice 1 I have both and LOVE them!!! The zip wallet is great!!!