Making jam /Jellies

  1. Thinking about making my first batch of Jam or jelly this weekend. Does anyome had any advice or interesting receipes? Thanks in advance
  2. What kind are you thinking of making? I just made a batch of raspberry jelly last night and I do this every year when the raspberries are ripe in our area. I use Surejell packets rather that the old fashioned way of cooking until thickened because it is much more prescriptive and turns out more consistently. I have a couple of sisters that make every jelly and jam they can think of but I stick to certain favorites...wild grape; strawberry-rhubarb, peach jam. :tup:
  3. I'm thinking of making the standard strwaberry, grape, and Blackberry, but I would really appreciate any new or unigue ideas. Thanks
  4. My husband and I made a batch of Juneberry/rhubarb jam last weekend that was really good. I guess my suggestion would be that if it was your first time to make the basic recipes first and then when you have a couple of successes under your belt start inventing your own combinations. I think the best jams come from picking fruit from the garden or wild but then you are limited to what grows in your area too. I love giving jam and jelly as gifts. Put a few pints into decorative jars and tie a little rafia twine around them and give out as hostess gifts or other occasions. People really like the idea that you made it yourself.
    Happy jelly/jam making!
  5. Have fun!! There is nothing like home-made jam or jelly. I make grape jelly every other year because that is how the crop of concord grapes cycle.

    People LOVE them as gifts!