making it stronger?

  1. I bought a bag a couple of months ago that was made with incredibly soft leather. That was the main thing that attracted me to it. It's a great size and I love the color. But after using it for a number of times, I found it annoying that it doesn't keep its shape. The bottom of it has feet, but it still "sags" down when I put stuff in it, no matter not light it is. I have to really stuff the bag to the max to prevent it from happening. Is there anything I can do to reinforce the bottom of the bag, so it can't look its shape so easily? :shrugs: Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. Hmmmm...I've never had this happen to me.
    May I ask you what kind/brand of bag is it?
  3. The brand is Marzia. It's an Italian brand that's not heard of very much, but I just loved the leather so much. It's very soft, and I guess I wish it was stronger as well.
  4. I wouldn't do this myself, but I just read a thread recently where a fellow PFer stuffs the bottoms of her big bags with tissue paper, then puts her stuff on top so that a bag will fill up and keep it's shape, but not be heavy. I guess you could try that maybe?
  5. I hate saggy bottoms in my bags, especially bags with feet. I had some of those flexible thin plastic cutting boards--have quite a few and use them in the kitchen all the time--and got a new one and put it against the bottom of my bag to make a pattern, and cut it out (rounded any corners) and it worked great! and cheap, too. I have done it for most of my bags, as it also keeps the bottom clean and really helps hold the shape and prevent any worrys of sagging bottoms.
  6. ps: I have in one case added two layers of the board for a large really saggy bag. And in one bag with a delicate lining, I put some soft fabric tape around the outer edges of my cut out bottom liner.
    and if anyone did not know what a flexible cutting board is, here is one example, but I bought mine from a store in a multipacks for a couple of dollars:
  7. hm, that's quite interesting, cinshad. I would have never thought of that, but it seems like something that works. At the same time, I was hoping for like an extra thick canvas layer or leather that I can put on the bottom - something bag material to enforce the saggy bottom. Do you think it's possible to do it at some sort of place with a tailer/ craftmen?
  8. A shoe repair place could probably put a custom made 'sole' in your bag, or a stiffer leather cutout to fit. I have a bag being refinished right now but will be a few more days before he is done. I could ask him hypothetically if possible and size limits.
    Necessity is the mother of invention. What had originally happened is that I was mailed a coach leather bag (with feet) and the seller had squashed it flat to fit into a much too thin priority box! I would never do that to a bag! The bottom was totally sagging after that, the feet looked so funny they pointed out sideways from the bag and there was no way to sit it down on its feet.I did not return it. I grabbed a new flexible cutting board and started experimenting and voila, it worked perfectly! In fact, I now kind of keep my eye open for bargains on floppy weird bottom bags (Super good deals!) that do not photograph well, but I know I can make them great again! Also very light weight, cheap, and easy to fix. even trains some not so badly warped bottoms to set right again with the liner removed. Also, since they come in may colors an are slightly transparent, it is easy to see through to make a pattern using the bottom of a deformed bag. I just use second board to keep my sides square. I did do one for a round bottom bucket bag, too.