Making international purchase from individual w/o using ebay?

  1. An acquaintance from Singapore on another board has offered to help me w/a purse purchase. If I pay using my creditcard through paypal (she is going to buy the purse and ship it to me) - will I be protected should I not receive the purse? Would my AMEX cover me if the purchase was made through paypal without an auction thru eBay? This girl seems wonderful but I need to protect myself as it's a significant amount of $ I'd be sending.

    thanks for any thoughts!
  2. Just how well do you know this girl? :confused1:
  3. i think you'd be covered with amex
  4. I think so also but I will call to confirm - I just want to make sure if I never rec'd the goods that I could file a claim to get my $ back. Thank you!!!
  5. That sounds a little scary to me....