Making Friends In Singapore

  1. I'm in Singapore now on a business trip. Last Sunday on 12th of Nov, my host and I went to Paragon. Christmas decorations were sold and many people were buying them. The mall was so crowded with people window shopping and others shopping. As we walk straight to the Bag Bar, an Asian lady with long hair in black shorts, heels, pink top and pink rimmed shades carrying a u-noe-wat a black croc kelly 32 walking towards us. She was very tall and slim (I was thinking is she a celeb? or a socialite?). She looked stunning. We bought nothing at the Bag Bar. We then went to Hilton Shopping Gallery by my host's car. We went to Giorgio Armani boutique and before we stepped in, there it was, an Asian lady with short spiky hair behind the glass case in black top, black 3/4 pants, LV black mono shawl, black pumps carrying a fuschia birkin 30 w/palladium hardware. I almost wanted to shout because she looked so chic, more chic than me although I was carrying a birkin myself at that time in....

    When we went inside, there another Asian lady with long hair in white top, beige pants, heels carrying a barenia toile birkin 35 w/gold hardware. THere's only 4 customers including we 2, the blur ones, hehe..

  2. Part 2.

    We stared at one another like enemies waiting to fight it out.
  3. We stared and stared and stared and stared before we smiled at one another. Suddenly I don't know how it happened, we were laughing and smiling with one another. Praising one another's birkin. Fuschia praised black croc birkin, toile birkin, fuschia croc birkin, Toile praised fuschia, black croc, fuschia croc, Fuschia croc praised toile, black croc again, fuschia, Black croc praised toile, fuschia, fuschia croc again. Black croc birkin 30 belonged to my host and the fuschia croc birkin 35 belonged to me. I felt like Hermes purseforum is coming alive in Singapore right there.
  4. Part 3.

    We purchased nothing. We went to Hermes boutique at Liat Towers, a walking distance next to Far East Shopping Centre from Hilton Shopping Gallery. A group of teenage boys came out of the boutique. (Young teenage boys already interested in Hermes. So who says 16 is too young to own a birkin?) Anyway that's not the point. On the display windows, Hermes briefcase is on display. (To think of it, it's rare to find a man carrying a Hermes briefcase). Inside Hermes, I can smell Hermes perfume in the air (felt like in Heaven). Hermes perfumes in large bottles displayed right there on the entrance. H belts mainly red and black, Hermes shirts for men were displayed elegantly on the shelves, cahsmere sweaters, ties for men in pinks & reds. At the bag section, huge travel bolides in toile canvas and in other leathers, GM evelyne in rouge garance tempting anyone to buy them immediately, agendas in various delicious colors from vert anis to BJ, bearn wallets in various colors for you to either drool or purchase. No birkins and no kellys on display BUT have not ask them yet. Very disappointing in that. On the 2nd level, Hermes home accessories were on displayed again tempting anyone to buy them.

    Now, I asked the SA whether they had any birkins in the storeroom. The four of us looked at her with "oh please, please" eyes, and after a while, she finally relented. We went down back to the 1st level, the SA brought out 1 birkin in cognac and 1 kelly in rouge garance. Both in palladium hardware. 2 ladies were interested in the kelly. The toile lady and I. She looked at me and I looked at her. I can see her desperation and she can see mine too. I asked her whether she owned any kelly and she said no. What happened next?
  5. I gave in to her and let her have the kelly. I was a bit upset but seeing her happy also makes me happy because that kelly will be taken care of by an elegant lady. (Her toile birkin looked new although she bought it 2 years ago.) No one interested in cognac. As the SA was about to put bring the cognac back to the storeroom, an Asian lady who had just stepped in shouted "Wait...I want that birkin." She smiled at us and apologised to the SA for shouting at her. She apologised for many times and finally replied she's been wanting to own one in that color which explained her excitement. What was on her arms?
  6. dior, don't stop ....go on, go on, what bag was she wearing on her arm?
  7. OMG dior.. You cant stop now!!!

    What a beautiful story.. i was 100% with you felt like i was with you ladies at hermes!!! great writing!! now come back and finish what you started!!! :smile:
  8. Dior you are too good! I am still waiting!!!!

    (did you take a break to the ladies room???) Hee hee
  9. Dior!!! The suspense is killing me!
    Great story so far!
  10. Dior? ..... Dior?...........where'd she go??????

    What was on the ladies arm? :shrugs:
  11. dior must either be at a office meeting or dinner! (It is dinner time here in Singapore)
  12. waaaaaah! what happened after that??!?!? :shrugs: dior, come back and finish your story. It's such a fun story about how the Birkins went shopping. :nuts:
  13. Sorry, gals. My husband called just now so the delay. (Yes, I'm married now. No more single.)

    What was on her arms? A fuschia ostrich birkin 35. The SA who was there said "Is 2day a fuschia day?" She's very observant indeed. The asian lady who had just came in was at first puzzled then when she saw the 2 fuschias, she then said, "Ohh.." We all laughed with me saying today is really a fuschia day. I go on telling about the girl with the black croc kelly wearing pink top and pink rimmed shades. As I was about to finish my sentence, the toile lady asked if she could order a fuschia birkin 30. My host followed suit and asked the same qn prompting the SA to say you all have become fuschia converts. Then, the SA wink at another SA and that SA went into the storeroom and took out 2 fuschia birkins in size 35, both gold hardware. What happened next? They snapped the birkins right away. Now, we all have fuschia.

    Not satisfied, I asked why only now they showed us the 2 fuschias. The other SA replied that those 2 were reserved only for special people. When my host asked what she meant by special, she smiled and wink. That's the story, 3 of us had fuschias on our arms and 2 fuschias were in the shopping bags with 2 ladies, fuschia ostrich lady had additional cognac birkin and toile lady had additional rouge garance kelly in their shopping bags. We went to Zara after that, just above Hermes, I bought a jacket, then went to Four Seasons Hotel to have evening tea and snacks. We exchanged our phone numbers and emails. I even tell them to join Hermes purseforum. Let's wait and see.
  14. What a terrific story! I felt like I was there.
  15. Yes, I don't think I can ever forget this experience for the rest of my life. It's the first time, everything happens at one time. God must have planned for all of us to meet and enjoy sharing Hermes experience with one another.