Making First Luxury Purchase, Need HELP!!!

  1. Ok, so for many of you this wont seem like a "luxury" purchase, but for me it is. First off, the details.

    I just turned 25. I work as a nanny during the day and soon will be going back to school at night. Given that I wear sweats and jeans with sneakers to work everyday, no makeup, and actually have the ability to forgo a shower and sleep in without it being frowned upon, I am obviously not concerned with carrying anything nice. I carried my nicest most buttery smooth leather bag to work one day and it got assaulted by a cream cheese bagel.

    I know this is full on blasphemy, but I'm a 45min train ride away from NYC and before I lived here I was a 20 min train ride out of WDC so I do the majority of my bag shopping in Chinatown. I know, I know. I know most of you could tell, but honestly people are always asking about my bags and are shocked when I tell them I mostly carry fakes because I worry too much about damaging something that cost more than my car. Simply because it makes my life easier, I stick to wearing black, white, charcoal, and apple green. I also apparently have a "signature piece" that I didn't even realize I was wearing everyday which is a long green scarf...somewhere between mango skin green and olive. It wasn't a fashion choice, I wear it because I hate coats and it covers my stomach.

    Anyway. This is my situation - I took this medication that made me put on a LOT of weight which is not coming off quite so easily. I live with my EX boyfriend who is basically still my boyfriend but without any sort of title or acknowledgment or the regular sex that comes with having a boyfriend, I work for two people who treat me like I should be paying them to raise their children and I'm trapped with them because the kids are so attached to me, my car is falling apart and I spent the last 3 weeks planning on getting a new one before my financing fell through, two very important people to me died in the January, and to top it off I recently noticed that my nose is too big, my mouth is too small, and I have enormous pores.

    Now you see why I think its time for a little boost.

    I just redid my closet which is basically the 4th bedroom in our house, and its going to be great. I got some gridwall and waterfall faceouts so all my bags (yes, even my knockoffs) can hang on the wall and be displayed to me while I sit in the spa pedicure chair I found on Craigslist. Now its time for a new bag.

    I don't want to spend more than $200, which I realize these days isn't a lot, but c'mon - I'm a nanny. A nanny who drives an old decrepit Land Rover that gets 10mpg in the land of gas at $3.15.

    I hate brown. Any other color is great, but I do love apple green, bright blue (I have been searching for a turquoise bag!), and that great cognac color that goes so well with black.

    I like big bags. No, I like huge ridiculous enormous bags. I once carried a DVF carry on airline bag as a purse. I also like grommets, rivets, buckles, and other metal hardware details. I detest fringe, but one some bags I know it works. Like a Le Dix bag for instance.

    I have no idea what to get, and I don't want to drop a large chunk of change on something that I end up hating. I'd rather have something I love and nowhere to carry it than a bag I regret buying.

    Hopefully Ill have time this weekend to photo some of my best pieces and post my mini-collection for you all to get a taste of what my style is. But honestly any suggestion is welcome! Help!
  2. Must Have Bag has a bunch of Tano bags on sale for under $200.

    I forgot to add Hype makes some nice bags as well, and right now Hayden Harnett has a bunch of bags discounted, and some right around $200. I really want a Lorca and am hoping I get my guitar sold before the sale is over. :roflmfao:
  3. Im working my way through the HH list right now, a lot of them are so great! Thanks a lot.
  4. I think a Longchamp Pliage would be fine; in the medium size they have long and short handles so you can have it as a shoulder bag. The bag is made of nylon with leather straps and closed with a zipper. It doesn't mind rain or cream cheese bagels, because you can even put it in the washing machine. I haven't done that yet but a lot of Longchamp owners do!

    The bag can be worn with jeans and a sweater but also with more elegant clothes, if you exchange the sweater for a jacket or want to wear a suit. On their website you can also customize your own Pliage, combining two different colours.

    Here ist the site:

    There is a button when you click on it you get to the site where you can create your own bag. The medium size is $130.00.

    Regina :tup:
  5. Here's a bag I was considering yesterday but decided against because it's too big for me but maybe it would fit what you're looking for.,2296.htm They have it in a really pretty turquoise and pear green. It's a smidge over $200 but not by much.
  6. Interesting, I actually bought a Longchamp bag about 2 years ago at a consignment store, I got a small pliage for $19! I'm really looking for something a bit fancier, because I do have my casual bags for taking to work, I just reread my post and don't think I phrased it very well.
  7. Charles David! A Nordstrom brand I occasionally see at Nordstrom Rack, too. Deeply discounted!

    Run a TPF search on the name... They're kind of a little cult favourite for the quality structure and leather the use. People always ask why it doesn't cost more. I have one I scored for just under 100 bucks a couple years ago and it still gets compliments left and right. It's held up beautifully, the only non neutral bag colour I have. Bright turquoise blue!
  8. Nordstrom Rack has some nice Charles David and Cynthia Rowley bags. I was there yesterday and they had a good selection. Also check sale tables for Francesco Biasia and other brands that have been marked down.
  9. Ack, I wish we had a Nordstrom Rack here! There are only two within 90 miles of here! I am making a ridiculous list of things I want just from these suggestions...
  10. has a couple Charles David bags.
  11. My advice .. with all the trying things going on in your life I would delay purchasing a $200 bag today and save up for something $500 +. Your options will be much broader then and you will be more likely to find a bag that you are really happy with!!!

    If this is your first luxury purchase... make it count and be memorable!!
  12. I was just looking at some other Tano bags in the Tano Pics thread, and I really like the Boogie Bucket in Blueprint Blue, does anyone have one and have comments?
  13. ;)
  14. I love tano I have the boggie bucket in wine if you go to the tano pic. thread a member named Voodoo has a boggie bucket in blue print its beautiful.
  15. The more I look thats the bag that stands out the most. Now the question is where do I get one, because doesnt have it on the site?