Making Bag deals without ebay, but only paypal

  1. hello,
    i'm tring to make a deal on a purse with somone online. i'm just afraid, but would LOVE to get the bag. if i use to pay for it, do u have any suggestions on how i can protect myself? i was thinking to offer to pay for it in half and once i get it, then i'll pay the rest, what do u guys think? have any suggestions on how to protect myself? thx
  2. Only if you use a credit card through Paypal.
  3. I've found that Amex is best in case a transaction goes bad.
  4. If I use paypal and pay without eBay. If things go wrong, can I still file a claim?? please advice. Also, If there's trouble, what do I tell my credit card companyh? thx
  5. i don;t think anyone will send you anything if you only pay half up front. you could very easily refuse to pay the balance.
  6. no, Paypal won't really back you up for a transaction off-eBay.
    If you get a counterfeit or anything and the Seller doesn't cooperate, most credit card companies will credit you back and not pay the retailer/seller.
  7. really? but what kind of proof should i provide to them? thx
  8. I totally agree that Amex offers the best protection of any of the credit card companies and that's why I've always used it. Have had a few bad sellers but, fortunately, they have been few and far between. Better to take all the precautions and protect yourself upfront to prevent tears and frustration later.
  9. If you conduct a transaction via Paypal, not going through eBay you still have buyer protection. The seller will still have seller protection - as long as they meet the shipping criteria. Paypal conducts business through many avenues - not just Ebay. Just use a credit card to double your security efforts.
  10. I was just wondering the same thing. ebay won't allow the sale of dust boxes and bags and i had quite a few interested bidders. one wants to do the sale outside ebay and i wasn't sure how to go about it!
  11. guess what? i offered to pay for the bag in half and she agreed. hm..interesting. she said she will mail me the purse once she receives the first payment and then when i check for authentication, i'll make the 2nd payment. sounds good to me..what u think ladies?

  12. WHAT? Wow, that would be a big red flag to me! Why in the world would anyone send a bag without it being paid in full? :confused1:

    I would step away from the screen on this one!
    Keep us posted.
  13. yes,i will.... i was thinking i would take this risk, we'll see...i figured i will pay with my credit card and if anything goes wrong, i can contact my credit card company and file a claim, correct? have this happen to anyone before?? thx
  14. I'd be wary of transactions like this. If the bag is pricey and it turns out to be fake, the seller could just disappear with your 1st payment.
  15. hmm...ya..good point, but how about if i paid with my credit card?