Food Making baby food w/ a Kitchenaid Mixer...

Nov 2, 2006
Has anybody ever done this? I was browsing through the optional attachments available and I noticed that one said it could be used to make baby food. Im wondering how time consuming this is and if its really worth it. With twins, I dont have much spare time. But, I would love to offer them a healthy alternative with less/or no preservatives. Any input, recipes, etc is always welcome. Thank-you.

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Aug 7, 2008
have you seen the beaba babyfood maker? it's available on the williams sonoma website if you want to check it out. not sure what would be less time consuming, but i think it has really good reviews so maybe it's worth looking into.
i am using the chicco baby food maker. easy breezy! just set the timer to steam the food, add water and go do whatever you want. when the timer buzzer goes off, it means that its ready. turn to the chop button and you can chop or puree your food. All in one machine. And the food is so delicious and yummy cos its steamed and all the natural juices are locked in. it's great for smoothies too!