Making airplane rides bearable...

  1. Urgh. I used to actually not mind flying but ever since moving to Chicago I have absolutely HATED IT.

    This is going to sound so horrible, but I haven't seen my parents in over six months... but I was actually tempted to BAIL FOR CHRISTMAS because I did not want to sit on the plane for 5 hours or endure delays, crowded airports, etc. I just flew to NYC a few weeks ago and although the plane ride was only 1.5 hours, I hated every second of it.

    I am NEVER the lucky one on a plane who has the middle seat empty. My friends whom I've traveled with joke that I literally have the worst luck (so I know it's not in my head)... people ALWAYS want to sit next to me. My friends hypothesized that it's because I look "small and quiet." Like, the entire plane will have empty middle seats except my row.

    How do you keep yourself entertained on airplanes? Does anyone hate airplanes as much as I do? I've traveled all over the world and found it perfectly dandy until I a couple years ago. Ironic, since my screen name is IntlSet...:shrugs:
  2. i tried hypnosis helped 98%!! i like to listen to relaxing music or something so i bring my ipod and listen to that the whole time.. and tons of magazines

    alot of my friends live all over the world and they tell me too now they are afraid to travel after 9/11, where before they traveled all over the world without a problem.
  3. I travel frequently inside and outside the is a hassle but the more you fret and think it's gonna suck, it is gonna suck, KWIM?

    sooooo, my best advice is mind over matter. I tend to force myself to zone-out and try to focus only on my little space, and not pay attention to anyone around me.

    I listen to my iPod in the airport and boarding area, and put on noise-cancelling headphones (I have the ones from Bose) with or without my iPod on the flight. I bring reading material and one of those super-geeky (but super-comfy) neck pillows and an eye mask if I want to sleep. If it's a short flight I watch a DVD on my laptop.

    Because I travel so frequently I joined an airline club so I duck into a club before/between flights whenever I can. Don't know if this would be something you would consider if you don't fly a lot.

    It's funny, I'm a super-social person in my everyday life...until I have to fly. Then I'm sooo quietly anti-social. :supacool: LOL! It definitely keeps me sane and the flights bearable.
  4. I fly 5 hours to California about once every month or every two months, and have gotten into a set routine of magazine reading, TV show watching on my iPod, movies, music, snacking, bathroom trips. It's totally choreographed. I've always found an airlines I love and stick with them, and save up for first class. It makes all the difference in the world, seriously.
  5. LOL I'm totally the same way! I'm not really any help, but I too almost wanted to flake out on my parents over Christmas because I didn't know if I could go through the hassle of the flight and the lines and everything!

    Last time I was on the plane, I either sat behind (or next to?) someone who farted (I kid you not) like every 10 minutes or so! And by that, I mean those silent but deadly ones! I couldn't figure out for the life of me who was doing it, and I seemed to be the only way who noticed (and couldn't change seats cuz the plane was pretty packed), so thank goodness it was only a 1.5 hr flight! UGH! But now that I think back on it, it is pretty hilarious LOL.
  6. Annie, my poor DH lives on planes. . . I hate that for him :sad:
    I take a buttload of magazines and some snacks, it's the only way I can manage. If it's that long, I'll take some crossword type books too.
    Good time to catch up on handwritten correspondence!:tup:
  7. OMG, no clue how Mr. Swanky does it... my dad flies a lot, too, and I am actually thinking of buying him a Gameboy to keep him entertained. Maybe I should get myself one, lol!
  8. I absolutely hate being on a plane. I'm not too fond of sitting in the airport, either. We are leaving this weekend for San Juan, which is a ~5 hour flight.

    I bought a Nintendo DS last year, but haven't played it much. I recently re-discovered it and have started playing again. I also went crazy, bought six more games, and picked up one for my husband (we can play together, wirelessly!). Can't use wireless on the plane, but now we have plenty of fun games to pass the time. I also always keep a book with me, and my iPod for when the irritating child that inevitably sits directly behind me starts screaming. (Last flight I was on the kid behind me kicked the chair for the entire 2 1/2 hours. My husband turned around and asked the father to make him stop, and he said "What do you expect me to do about it?")
  9. when i had gameboy, i loved that too for the plane..i played tetris and it helped me zone out..... until i got mad one day at home, threw it & it broke:shame:

    i should get another one though bc that did help alot
  10. I absolutely hate flying! But more for the whole idea of crashing into the ocean. I've been like that since I was 14. So when I take a flight, I come totally prepared for anything. My iPod is my best friend. I make sure there are movies and enough music on it so if I get bored I can switch it up. Then there are my snacks, magazines, books, and any medication that will knock me out for the majority of the flight.

    My recommendation for you is if you know youre flying be prepared for it. If you go in positive with many things to keep your mind off it you should be ok. Also fly early as possible.
  11. I fly a lot too and my ipod video is my only way to survive. Get some TV shows, games, audio books, movies, and your absolutely favorite music. Then get noise cancelling headphones, a comfy cushy neck cushion, and a nice silky eye patch. Tune everything and everyone out. When you get tired, put your eye patch on and take a little nap.
    I also think it's worth paying more to get more direct flights and avoid delays and sitting around. If you book your ticket online, you can often chose your seat as well. Ask about upgrades at the check-in, they are often not very expensive (not always) and may be worth it for the extra room and less annoyance of other passengers. Before you book the ticket check the price of a business class ticket.
  12. I bring a GOOD book and read the whole time....
  13. I'm the same way. I usually just read and listen to my ipod. I also try to see it as x number of hours that I can have to myself to just read and listen to music and relax. I know that's kind of counter-intuitive considering how annoying the whole airport experience can be, but it really helps me to frame it in that way mentally. Someone above mentioned "mind over matter", and I guess this is kind of a similar thing.
  14. A book, a blanket, my ipod, and last but not least alcohol
  15. I fly a LOT and I really hate to fly since I get motion sickness, however after I bought those miracle wristbands I do not get sick on planes. I usually don't have to deal with weird, obnoxious people because I fly first class. (Daddy is a pilot so I get cheaper tickets OR free tickets) I usually carry a blanket, neck cushion, magazines/books, iPod, and a tiny bottle of some perfume in my purse. I don't know about you ladies, but I can't stand the smell of planes so I like to smell the perfume I spray on myself :yes: