Making a Wishlist...Some Questions

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  1. Well...before I begin my foray into Balenciaga...I figured I should do some research and be organized.....not like I did with LV where I just bought everything and then sold it all later!

    My plan of attack is to first figure out which style I like the most...tossed up between twiggy, city, and part time

    Second is to figure out what colors I want to buy and make a list and a plan of attack!

    So questions:

    #1: twiggy, city & part time....have they been around since the beginning? If not, what year/season did they come into production?

    #2: Leather variations. I have once in my life looked at was last spring (cornflower was out)...and I didn't like the super veininess of the leather. So please tell me, in your honest opinion...which years/seasons to avoid.....which seasons were notorious for veiny leather?

    OK step 1 complete....I may be back with more questions in the future once I start conmpiling the 'list'!
  2. Sounds like 2005 or most of the 2007 leathers would be right up your alley!!

    I can't help you on the time of production too much - but I do know the PT was started last season... so the first season you'll be able to find it is in 2006 leather.

    Depending on what you carry... the twiggy/city/part-time would all be great choices!! (Not much help, am I?) However, the twiggy seems more casual, the city more classic, and the PT more edgy - that's just my opinion though... :smile:

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks lake! I have been on the atelier website....and looking at the different colors...but I figured you girls would be much more knowledgeable about which seasons to can sometimes be deceiving!

    I will check out the other thread too! Thanks!
  4. Twiggers, just be prepared...B bags are highly addictive...much more so than LV .......

  5. LOL Lake.....LV has been pretty crazy lately with the amount of new bags they've been pumping out each season....but nothing that screams to me...and I need more than brown and the occasional red bag in my collection!
    The other big that I like the style...I like being able to have a bag be handheld or shoulder or even messenger style!
  6. Hi Twiggers!!!:heart: Glad to see you here!!! You are doing the right thing by preparing for your purchase b/c many of us have made "mistakes" before buying and it cost a lot of $.~ I'm sure this happens with any bag brand anyway.

    You should start by checking out the sticky threads on top of the Bal section and also there's this thread to look at as well~
  7. Thanks zacorey!!!!! And I definetly agree about it being any bag brand....I'm impulsive and just rush into this time I need to be better prepared!
  8. ^^^Good for you and don't rush b/c half the fun is researching. I always refer to bag mishaps as "expensive mistakes" and I hate to make those! LOL
  9. What colors are you thinking about?~ maybe we can start from there and give you opinions about the different colors and shades.
  10. Well...if I had t choose right now...the colors that interest me (by year) are -I know some of these might be wishful thinking!:

    2003 Emerald
    2003 Blue
    2003 Lilac
    2004 Seafoam & Turqoise
    2004 Lilac, Rose, Eggplant, Turqoise (F/W)
    2005 Apple, Bubblegum Pink, Turqoise, Indigo, Teal
    2005 Metallic Pink
    2006 Ink, Cornflower, Lilac, Emerald, Blue India,
    2007 Vert Gazon, Marine, Aquamarine

    And a black bag!

    Phew...that was just kind of my first pass through....I've got a lot of blues .... and careful research will probably narrow these down a lot. Plus if a season had bad leather or something then I'd cross them off! And if the bag is a 'can never be found' kind of bag, then I'd probably cross it off!
  11. Hey Twiggers. glad to see you here on the B section :smile: YOu are doing the right thing making a wish list. what colors are you looking for?

    i know what you mean with LV just buy and sell without thinking about it. But now with B bags its a tough decision on which colors to get and what style.
  12. ah here you are too!! good luck twiggers on your bbag. i narrowed down my list to the color first, then style, then hardware (for 2007 models). i can't wait to see what you end up getting. and i love the fact that not everyone will carry the same bbag as you or everyone else (unlke lv a lot of the times).
  13. *sitting right next to Twiggers waiting for responses*

    *ahem* This info is probably the same from that wonderful LP site~ but personal opinions of other PFer's count very much to me too........

    And BTW- I was checking out my PT- and it's not so giant as I originally thought!
  14. *I'm so happy to see so many familiar LVers!!!!*