making a security tag?

  1. I need to ship a bag tomorrow morning and want to add a security tag to it. I don't have time to get any sent to me, so I will have to make one. Any ideas on how to do it? I live in NYC so if anyone knows of a shop that has what I need I can go there after work.

    Thank you!
  2. I would print one
    .put your eBay name
    .the I D # number of your auction
    .name of bag
    .date auction ended
    add anything else you need to add
    i would even put a secret saying or number or something on the inside of the tag.
    punch a hole, use string , loop it through,take a picture
    hope this helps
    good luck
    p.s do not forget confirmation & insurance:smile:
  3. Thank you. That helps a lot.
  4. you are welcome:smile:
  5. wow, great idea ! i'll try that next time !
  6. thanks for this thread. ive been concerned on how to make or where to buy a safety tag for items.
  7. good luck! :tup:
  8. You can also pop down to KMart at Penn or on 8th Street and get yourself a cheap mini combination lock -- they're luggage locks and they're right next to the suitcases. $5 for peace of mind is a cheap price to pay. Hardware stores should also carry them.
  9. The tyvek bands can also be found in most office supply stores. Might cost a little more than eBay but still relatively cheap.