Making a ring into a necklace - Need inspiration

  1. I have been given the lovely opportunity to tame my grandmothers engagement or wedding ring (both are simple gold bands), and turn it into somethings else. (The ring I don't choose will go to my brother)

    I was thinking of getting a tiny, tiny diamond, and do something like this (please excuse the bad photoshop-ing, but you get the idea)


    The backside will have the same ingravings as the ring (the two names and the date).

    1) What ring would you choose? The engagement ring from 1939 or the wedding ring from 1942?
    2) Do you have any other idea what I could do? (It doesn't have to have a stone, but I do want the names and the date)

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I would chose whichever weighs more or whichever is the karat I needed.
  3. They are exactly the same, and I'm more interested in the sentimental value :biggrin: Engagement or wedding.. hmm..
  4. What a lovely idea : )

    I think I would probably chose the engagement ring (as that ring was the start of your future, if you know what I mean) but that's just me and my romantic notions .... : )

    I think I saw it on here sometime but I seem to think that someone turned their wedding ring into a pair of (half) hoop earrings and they looked lovely too.

    Let us know what you decide on.
  5. I like the idea of using the wedding ring if your goal is sentiment. that's the date that started their family...& therefore, your beginning too!

    seems to me that the engagement ring is more personal between your grandmother & grandfather.

    just my opinion...
  6. I think that necklace is a beautiful way to keep your grandmothers ring(s)! I think I would choose the engagement ring. While I agree with frick&frack's idea of choosing the wedding ring, I think that the engagement ring is more romantic and I would go with that one. I just love hearing stories of how couples get engaged and when your grandfather proposed to your grandmother, that showed their committment to each other then and there. Good luck choosing a ring to use for this necklace!!
  7. My parents had new rings made for their 10th anniversary, so they took their original rings and had them melted down into a heart pendant for me. I LOVE it and it's so special :smile:

    That's another option and you could still get the carvings on the back