-- Making a return to Tiffany's?

  1. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I'm stuck in a rut. I purchased one of the sterling silver heart tag necklaces from Tiffany's at the end of June. I've only worn it once (over a button down), and it's been sitting in it's Tiffany's storage pouch and inside my drawer. I pulled it out the other day, and there are these brown streaks/stains all over the front and back of the heart tag. I have other Tiffany necklaces that I store in the same place and way, but they look nothing like this necklace does. Is this normal for the necklace to "tarnish" like this? I don't know what I should do with this.

    Also, I bought my sister a necklace from T&Co., but she's decided she doesn't like it. It's been over a month since her birthday, so does anyone know if she will be able to return it? The Tiffany's website doesn't say much regarding post-30 day gift returns. Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. I would take your necklace to Tiffany's and tell them your situation, they will probably resolve it. If your sisters necklace is only few days or a week late, you can mail it to Tiffany's return dept and they will send you a merchandise credit.
  3. 30 days
  4. I would go back to Tiffany's and ask them WTF is up with their pouches that they are turning sterling brown. Sometimes the material that is used on the pouch to make it preserve silver, actually turns it. This has happened to me twice now (not with T's though).
  5. Thanks everyone. I'll drop by the store sometime this weekend and see what they have to say about this :s
  6. You can have your necklace cleaned there, and it should look good as new when they are done. It sounds weird but the less you wear it, the more likely it is to tarnish.
    As far as your sister's necklace, it really depends on how long its been since it was purchased and how the piece looks. I would try to return to the store and see what they say. You should at least be able to get a store credit if its in good condition. Good luck!
  7. Yes totally!! You don't even need a receipt- they check your last name and date of purchase on their computer system and voila! they'll refund you your money..
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    simpleplan - Really? So even if the purchase was made over 30 days ago, it can still be returned for merchandise credit? Thanks for the info!
  9. Yes, if its over 30 days and they ok it, they will give you a merchandise credit.