Making a quick decision: should I get either of these handbags?


Which purse would you get? (see photos below)

  1. New Nina Ricci pink purse from current season

  2. Used Nina Ricci beige purse from 2 seasons ago

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    It's a choice between the two and unfortunately, I'll need to make a decision by tomorrow.

    1) This nina ricci handbag from this season (new) = around $400:

    2) Or this one here from two seasons ago (half the price of option 1) and used with a little bit of damage around $250:

    of course, I don't NEED either one. It's really just to add a bag to the collection. I did acquire this one already and i do enjoy it:

    Thanks for the help as always fellow tpfers! :biggrin:
  2. 1st one not because its new but its what i would like to carry. It looks bigger as well, seems able to hold more things. Also, when you described the 2nd as slightly damaged, i kinda think it is obvious considering the colours.
  3. I prefer the second style, but how damaged is it?

    From the original post, you don't seem convinced either is what you want. Am I misreading?
  4. I like the first one, gorgeous!!!
  5. i like the 2nd one, the strap looks very comfortable
  6. I actually wanted to buy the black version of the first pic myself, but i am on a ban, i would choose the first one, i think for this color it would fit better than the trendy number 2.
  7. I like the first one!
  8. Thanks for your comment!
    The second style is slightly damaged in that the knot where the bow is has been torn off a bit.

    I'm do love the Nina Ricci's so I'm usually okay with anything. I just don't know when confronted with these types of choices what people would do (esp the new vs older model idea).

    Thanks to everyone else for their replies so far. The responses are more varied which is interesting :biggrin:
  9. If a bag doesn't scream out at me as something I either unequivocally love or I absolutely need, then I don't buy it. It sounds like you aren't enamored of either bag (or you would have no doubt which to buy) and you said yourself you don't need one. So my vote is to save your money towards something you don't want to live without.
  10. The first one is gorgeous and you will be able to carry more things in it...
  11. 1st one! Very cute and seems like it fits a lot more stuff than the 2nd one, so you'll use it more!
  12. This is exactly what I thought about when I read the first post!
    But if you still decide to buy one of them, I'd pick the first one since it's more classy,romantic and feminine, the second one looks a little "childish" to me.