Making a Purchase for my Mommy <3

  1. I need help deciding on a bag to buy my Mom:heart: either for Mother's Day or just to show my appreciation.

    What are some good ideas for an everyday bag?

    I think she would prefer a bag either in the Monogram or Damier styles.

    Any feedback would be appreciated!! TIA!;)

    Edit: I was thinking either a Speedy 25/30, Ellipse or Manhattan
  2. What a nice daughter....What is her taste like? I'm sure she would love whatever you chose.
  3. Damier speedy!,or a Manhatten. If your mother likes structured styled bag get her the Manhatten. :smile:
  4. I'M A GUY!!!!!! :cursing:ahahaha, its ok lol

    and I think she prefers shoulder bags. possibly something comfortable for both shoulder and handheld use. she's a very stylish woman so if that helps...
  5. I belive that the Manhatten can be used as a shoulder & hanheld bag. If go to the visual aid thread,I belive many members have posted pictures wearing it.
  6. You can never go wrong with a speedy! I would get her a mono or damier speedy 30. If she doesnt have an LV, start her off with mono, just my opinion.:yes:
  7. what about an illovo mm? it's a nice size and a shoulder bag. the manhattan is GORGEOUS as is the damier speedy too.
  8. Oops:shame: . What a nice son:roflmfao:. Truely, you are.
    I would say monogram......try looking on and see what might suit her.:p
  9. Cabas Mezzo or a sac plat? Would she want it for work/practical reasons or to be fancy?
  10. How about Saleya in Damier?? Uzes ??
  11. manhattan all the way! I believe the GM fits a bit better on the shoulder than the PM, but i guess that all depends on her size.
  12. wow you guys are so helpful :smile: so far i'm really liking the manhattan and speedy 30.

    I think I'm gonna get her the speedy first next month to give her a little taste of LV. then hit her with the manhattan pm for mothers day!(too ensure she stays addicted ;))

    thanks all for the helpful suggestions!
  13. MC speedy!
  14. BUT the Manhattan Gm would also me a GREAT gift!
  15. Popincourt Haut for a shoulder bag and Damier Alma as hand bag.