Making a New Purchase, PLEASE HELP me decide!!!

  1. HI... I am wanting to purchase a new Coach bag and have a few in mind. I own the Legacy Stripe wallet and wristlet so I am wanting to purchase a bag that will go GREAT with these acc's I have. It is between :
    1: The Legacys tripe tote with a matching ponytail scarf tied to it ( Please give me your honest thought about this bag)
    2: The legacy Madison clutch (love it but my wallet and wristlet will probably be too big for it)
    3: Any other bags that would GREAT with my acc's???
    Please help me decide. I love the Leagacy stripe collection but will the tote be too much? I thought if I add the pony scarf that has the Sig. on one side it may halp tone it a bit, plus the lining on the inside of the tote is sig. just in case I get tired of all the stripes I can just reverse it. Just a little concerned baout the care of the tote as well, I am easy on my bags though. Thanks and can not wait to hear your thought!
  2. I think you're assecories are really nice by the way. As for buying a handbag for them, have you considered a handbag that has that same Legacy fabric lining as you assecories? I have a handbag with the tattersall print, and bought the french wallent with the same print, and have always gotten compliments with them.

    The tote is REALLY cute, but I know that taking care of that fabric is very high maintanance. I have a friend that bought the tote in the scarf print and after a 6 months of careful use there were alot of stains that could not be taken out from the bag.

    Just something to consider...:flowers:
  3. I agree with seekingjans. What about a bag with the legacy lining? The new Thompson line has legacy lining or there's the current legacy bags. There may be some of last years legacy available too. I know there were still some Ali's in the system and there are some slim flaps left. Do any of those interest you? Then you have a POP of legacy stripes every time you open your bag! That just makes me smile!
  4. I agree with seekingjans and tlloveshim also! That would be SO cute!!!!
  5. The Legacy stripe pretty as it is..will be very hard to keep clean, especially if you're going to use it everyday. I agree with tlloveshim and a bag with the Legacy lining on the inside of the bag would be great. You could buy leather or signature. What size do you need? How about the shoulder bag? If you like totes...I think the tote below in either brown or black would be great with legacy striped accessories. It would be easier to keep clean and look new longer than the Legacy tote. IMO the Legacy striped accessories are pretty versatile. Then again...I'm not a matchy, matchy person!! LOL Others may disagree. :shame:

  6. I just noticed this part of your post. Really? Argh! How much are they - do you know? If I call JAX to check on this myself, I might order one :wtf: (and that would be bad....)
  7. HI... I really don't like a large large bag and have a lot of the sig. collection and am just looking for some thing different and fun. I do love the Legacy stripe collection but just not sure about in/on the outside of a bag. I was at the Coach Knoxville TENN store and seen the tote in IRL, the SA tied the ponytail scarf around the strap and it made it cuter because it added some sig. to it and brought out the sig. lining. These decisions are so tuff because I either have to order by phone or travel over an hour to the nearest Coach store. Please keep the votes coming
    P.S. The Bleecker Small (Brown) leather flap bag does grab my eye but then again it will not match my Legacy stripe pc's :sweatdrop:
    Sad to say but I am real bad for matching matching.

  8. The Alis are $498 and the slim flaps are $428 for the leather version. Leather item numbers are 10329 for the Ali and 10327 for the slim flap. There are signature versions too but I don't know the item numbers on them. Hmmm.... so now I get to enable the enabler?!
  9. I like the Legacy hippie bag in White style 10325 $398.00 but then again White for the fall / winter?
  10. Nope I wouldn't do white now.
    What about the legacy shoulder bag in leather or siggy?
    I like the tote, too. If it's what you keep going back to and really can't stop thinking about it--then go for it!!! It sounds cuter w/ the scarf!
  11. No MUST RESIST!!!!:sweatdrop: (What colors do they come in? :lol:)

  12. I do keep going back to it and love it but am just afraid how it will hold up. I love my Legacy stripe acc's and want more and more in this line. Thanks :heart:
  13. I have the white slim flap and the white is an all year white, not a bright white. You can wear it in winter too and there are white hippies on eBay right now, some at good prices. The white slim tote is really pretty too. I plan on carrying my white slim flap this winter! It's the most beautiful shade of white that I've ever seen on any leather!

    Tanukiki, I know the slim flaps come in: black, natural, whiskey, camel and maybe white (when I got mine there were only 5 left). Also, in signature they come in: khaki/black, khaki/beet, khaki/gold, khaki/white and brown/brown (which is beautiful!)

    As for Alis, I'm not sure what was left in those. There was some brown left which is a gorgeous color! I wish the slim flap came in brown!
  14. go for the tote!
  15. I would choose a leather bag with the legacy lining and use those beautiful accessories, and you could then even tie the legacy ponytail holder/scarf to the outside of the bag. I think all legacy stripes (accessories, tote and scarf) are just too much of a good thing.