Making a mountain out of a molehill or SNAD? Opinions please?

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  1. Hello-

    I recently purchased a bag on eBay that I've been trying to find for a while now. It was listed as new with tags and the photos did show a bag that appeared to be brand new with the tag attached.

    When I got the bag, the tag was not attached; the tag did come with the bag, however it was detached and tucked inside a pocket. The bag itself does not appear to be used, but I paid over what it would have cost me had I bought it new in the store when I should have. This bag sold out quickly and hasn’t popped up too often on eBay or Bonanza, so I caved and paid what the seller wanted because the seller said “It is brand new” and it was listed as new with tags and that tag appeared to be attached.

    I don’t want to file a SNAD when I don’t think (and probably couldn’t prove) that it is significantly not as described, but I do think the seller was being disingenuous to list it as new with tag instead of new without tag or at least comment in the listing that the tag wasn’t attached. Even more so because the photos do make it look like the tag is attached (attached are the seller's photos from the listing). Is it worth going back to the seller or am I being too picky and making a big deal over nothing?

    Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you! :smile:
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  2. I think "NWT" in eBay language means that it comes with tags, not that the tags are necessarily attached to the bag.

    But, given that the tags appear to be attached in the photo, I do find that a bit strange. Maybe the seller cut off the tags so they wouldn't snag on the strap when shipping?
  3. Are you 100% happy with the bag? Do you believe it to be brand new? If so I would keep it and enjoy! I would, however, contact the seller and let them know it was deceiving the way they made it look like the tag was attached in the listing, and you're not happy with that at all. I'd say I was disappointed to get a bag with the tag in the pocket. Some people just like snipping off the tags themselves! I don't know what they can do at this point, but I would let them know for future reference.

    I also wanted to tell you that it would really bother me too, so I don't think you're making a mountain out of a molehill at all.
  4. The first thing I thought was if the bag you received, was the same one in the pictures or not. Was the seller selling more than one bag?

    I understand your feelings. I'm quite picky. A very small thing bothers me. But if the bag has no flaw, no signs of use, and is authentic, please just enjoy the bag!
  5. I also understand how you feel, as I, too, can also be particular. However, like everyone else says, if the bag is authentic and the same one as pictured without any use, I would just enjoy the bag and leave it alone. It did come with the tags after all as stated, even if they weren't attached. If it really bothers you, perhaps politely drop a note telling the seller that you were a bit disappointed because you thought the tags were attached like in the picture. She might have had a legitimate reason for taking the tag off though, especially those paper tags attached by those flimsy plastic hangers. As someone suggested, she might have been afraid it would snag on the strap when shipped...perhaps she wasn't sure how long it would be until it sold and she didn't want the tag to accidentally get pulled off or lost during storage...that sort of thing. It's a gorgeous color, so if everything else is all right, just enjoy it.

  6. Agree here.. you should contact the seller & let her know that you are
    disappointed that the tag wasn't attached...
  7. If the photos had shown the tag beside the bag instead of attached, it would have been fine. And if the seller had made a note in the listing that the tags had become detached, that would be fine too. (Sometimes tags can become detached when trying to position the bag for photos.)

    I think you are bang on - the seller was disingenuous but not enough for a SNAD. But hopefully you can enjoy it anyway.
  8. It's just as easy for a seller to say in the listing... the bag is brand new
    tags are not attached.. no big deal..

    But do agree, enjoy the bag!!
  9. and i think it is also just as easy for a buyer to ask if they still have the tags - are they attached to the bag? if that is something that is important to you! the seller said "new with tags" and the OP recieved them. i am just not seeing the problem with it because it would not bother me that they were inside. as long as the bag was was still brand new/no problems and i was thrilled with it i would not complain about that. and it is not even close to what i would say is SNAD.
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    Detached tag could mean: the bag has been used or it's not the bag that shown in the listing. If that thing bothers you, you can politely ask the seller why the tag weren't attached as photographed. I see the plastic seals on the coach tag(?). Is it still there?
  11. Yes, the seller said new with tags and I got a tag; but based on eBay's condition guide, how does NWT mean the original tags should not be attached especially if there is no other original box/packaging to confirm 'new' status?

    Per eBay:

    New with tags
    A brand-new, unused, and unworn item (including handmade items) in the original packaging (such as the original box or bag) and/or with the original tags attached.

    New without tags
    A brand-new, unused, and unworn item (including handmade items) that is not in original packaging or may be missing original packaging materials (such as the original box or bag). The original tags may not be attached.

    MarneeB hit the nail on the head in that I am one of those people who enjoy snipping the tags on a new bag. Based on the item photos of the tag being attached and the listing of NWT, how is it wrong to expect the tag would be attached? I thought the description and photos were there so a person knew what they were getting. The seller waited until shortly before the listing ended to get back to me about something else, so there wasn't much time at that point to confirm something that appeared obvious in the listing. Lesson learned then is to trust nothing, however obvious it may seem at the time.
  12. Not all of the bags from the Coach outlet come with the tags attached on the outside. I have seen a lot of the new bags with the tags tucked inside the inner pocket. In this case I would look over the bag's condition to assess if it's truly NWT or not.
    The seller may have bought multiples of the same bag, and used the pictures of one bag (that had the tags attached outside) for all of them.
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    Yes, the plastic is still around the hangtag, and from what I can tell the bag has not been used and is the same one as in the photos.

    For the record, I do not want to file a SNAD (see original post) and I don't want to ask for a discount; I'm looking for opinions if it is worth messaging the seller to let them know I am disappointed the bag did not arrive as described/pictured. Maybe I am overreacting because as a seller, I never would have listed this bag as NWT if the tag was detached - I would have listed as NWOT and been very clear in my listing and photos that the tag was not attached. Same for the photos, I would not have used a photo of the bag (or a similar bag if listing multiples) showing the tag attached when it had been detached for whatever reason.
  14. My concern would be a seller using an authentic, tag(s) attached bag for the auction and then sending a replica. It's been done. Any tag can be duplicated and those nylon thingies that attach tags are not unique and can be purchased anywhere.

    I cannot think of a valid reason this seller would have removed the tag. The nylon thingies don't break easily so it must have been cut.

    IDK, I don't like it.
  15. It wasn't cut unless the seller sent a different attacher thing with the bag (like you said those are not unique). This is what came in the interior pocket.

    I'll be at the mall later today, so I'll run the bag by the staff at my local Coach store and see what they say with regards to authenticity.