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  1. So, I'm making a list and checking it twice and I found that I'm sadly lacking in "slouch" knowledge.

    Let me preface this by saying how much I'm enjoying my bolide. I'm enjoying it so much that I'd like another one BUT I'd like one with a little "slouch" to it. The problem is I only know of two leathers that have this slouch factor - Togo and Clemence. Both are heavy and one is so slouchy that it practically flops over. Not what I'm looking for.

    Can you guys suggest a leather that isn't too heavy and too floppy? :shame:

    I think I might have to revise my previous "What I'm Waiting For" list....things have really changed - :blink: :blink:
  2. I can not, :cry: I am not so happy with the "slouchy" I wish I could starch and iron my slouchy bags... give me firm from now on!..I want handbags not throw pillows:hrmm: ...I wish a "togo fairy" would show up at my house and turn my togos into box calf, ostrich or croc!:love:
  3. Swift, evercalf, and evergrain. I just saw a few bolides in evergrain and evercalf. I love evercalf, it's got a finish like box, but is sooooo soft, almost a silky finish. Evergrain is embossed evercalf, a light grain. The latter two are fairly light, but swift can be as heavy as togo and has a light grain. I will check if the bolides are made in swift.
  4. I saw some Bolides in Swift, I don't know if it's parrticularly heavy (my SA said it's like box more or less) but it's very soft and looks smooth , although if you look closely it has a tiny texture, but it definately looks like a smooth's matte...I really like has replaced Gulliver in which I had a rigid Bolide....

    Having said this, I have an idea that Bolides only come in the rigid style (which can be almost any leather because they build the bag with a rigid frame) or the Mou style which has no rigid frame and is made with soft leathers, and that makes them pretty slouchy...I don't think there's an in between style... To give you an example, my Gulliver Bolide was rigid, although Gulliver was a very soft leather; the first Kelly Mous that were made were in Gulliver....

    Anyway, I may be wrong, so if there 's someone out there who can confirm or correct, I'd love to know...:flowers:
  5. Hi, Duna, I found Gulliver to be heavy, even heavier than togo. I'm probably splitting hairs, but it's just my opinion. I, too, like the finish of Gulliver/Swift, the small grain made it scratch resistant, IMO.
  6. Maybe you're right HG, I think it's a lovely leather though...I'm waiting for my brown Birkin in Swift, so I hope it's not as heavy as my Clemence one..!:sad: Oh well, I love it anyway...!!!:love: LOL!
  7. Oooooh, I have yet to see a Birkin in Swift. I hope you get it soon, I want to see it!
  8. HG, hopefully in the Autumn....Gosh, it seems ages away....:sad: :lol: LOL!
  9. I am so glad other people have the same issues as me...prefer no slouch. Can it also be light? Hee hee...don't want to much, do I?
  10. Thanks, everyone! Swift it is if I can find one although I'm truly liking the matte finish of Chamonix too.

    I'd sure like something in-between - not too rigide, not too soft. Well, we'll see what the offerings are out there.....
  11. ^ Uh-oh, there she goes again...:P