Making a claim on the Paypal buyer protection policy

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  1. I bought a Fendi spy on ebay and just found out it is a fake. I looked at the paypal buyer protection policy and it states that they give insurance up to $1000 if "[a] physical good you purchased on eBay ... is significantly different than what was described in the listing." So, I am thinking of making a claim on this policy b/c the bag was claimed to be "authentic" but is actually a fake. I have a friend who manages a Fendi store and he will write me a letter saying that the bag is a fake. Has anyone done anything like this or heard of anyone actually getting their money back by doing this? Ugh, I'm so pissed I got scammed, I just want to get my money back and forget about ever buying another designer bag on ebay.
  2. I did with a coach bag that was real but much more used then the seller claimed. It does take awhile though....Good Luck!!!
  3. Oh I am so sorry, next time have the bag authenticated in the fendi board, i am sure you will get money back.
  4. Thanks for your support! I only found this board after discovering that the bag was a fake b/c I was looking for a resource to determine how to tell when spy bags are fake. I will definitely be coming back to have my bag(s) authenticated if I ever have the nerve to order another one online. Although right now I'm lobbying my Fendi-working friend for a discount ;) Cross your fingers for me on both accounts!
  5. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I've always had terrible luck with Paypal buyer protection.

    Once, I purchased a $500 item on eBay. It turned out to be significantly not as described, so I filed a claim after the seller showed herself to be uncooperative. Paypal would ONLY give me back $200 because that's some arbitrary maximum amount that they can refund. So I asked them, "You guys still have my money...I thought I was completely safe and covered under Paypal?"

    Their incredibly unfair response was, "Paypal doesn't have your money, the seller does," essentially telling me that there was nothing I could do, and that I would not get the rest of my money. (And showing their buyer protection policy to be completely useless.)

    Luckily, I have an AMEX, so I filed a chargeback, and did get all my money back.

    I would definitely file a chargeback with your credit card company.
  6. Oh, I didn't even think about that. I am going to take your advice and file a claim with my credit card company too. Thank you coquelicot!
  7. Definitely file with your credit company. They have the power to "trump" Paypal and you WILL get all your money back.

    As an added tip, Amex is usually the best to deal with in situations like these. But Visa and MC are good too.
  8. LaLaLady,
    I have had to file with Paypal twice and have always had my entire payment, including the shipping charges refunded. It did take about 3 weeks, due to the seller has 10 days to respond, but both times the bags were listed as authentic and were very fake upon arrival. The sellers were probably hoping to get some poor sucker who would just buy a bag and never question, but when I spend hard earned money, I want exactly what I am paying for.:yes: Good luck, but if the bag was advertised as authentic, you should have no real problems.!:flowers:
  9. I've used the Paypal complaint system a couple of times and found it disappointing, particularly for claims where the item is grossly misrepresented. I no longer pay with anything other than a credit card because it's simply easier to chargeback the item rather than hassle with the Paypal system.