1. This is one of my favorite websites, so I just had to share it with all of you. :love:

    You can search for products and regular women like you and me rate each product and give you a description of how it worked. It's great when you are thinking of buying something because you can check to see if the product worked for other women. You can also sign up for free and leave your own ratings!

    MakeupAlley I Street Smart Beauty!
  2. I love this website. I try to visit every week or so and always use it as a reference. The perfume forums are always run to read too!
  3. I can't figure out how to navigate it easily.
  4. thanks for the info!
  5. Love that site! I'm a fellow MUAer, too! I know there are a few of us here. My obsession before coming here to tPF was makeup. lol. I was one of those makeup collectors, though(buy LE items and beautiful palettes and never ever used them. LOL. It was crazy.)
  6. Me too! I started out at MUA and got obsessed w/makeup and skincare goods~~went through tons and slowly phased out then found this site. LOL~~ I still go back to the site always before buying beauty items to see the reviews and make a decision.
  7. ohh cool site.. thanks! very helpful.
  8. The Fashion message board on the site is what got me here to tPF. :yes:
  9. Same here. I found a link to tPF from MUA:yes:
  10. Interesting about the link...glad everyone found their way over!
  11. So funny to hear that others found this site through MUA as I did. Love MUA but since I've been here I only go to MUA when I'm looking to buy something to see what the reviews are. Great site!
  12. I won't buy anything without searching their reviews! The messageboard part I detest though- I wish it had a setup like this one.

    How on earth do you find out your complexion color? Is there a chart? I don't know what PDPT NC4RT or whatever those things are!
  13. I love reading the reviews, but I have yet to post one.

    Do you girls post reviews???
  14. I Registered A While Back....I Keep Forgetting. It Looks Like A Great Site!!! :smile: