Makeup Wipes & Cotton Balls !!

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    I always use a combination of baby wipes or makeup wipes to remove makeup especially foundation and lipstick. What do you use ?
  2. I take off eye makeup with cotton quilted circles but everything else I use a foming makeup remover that takes it all off.
  3. i wont lie i used to conk out and fall asleep with makeup on all the time (V.BAD!) so not i keep some baby wipes by my bedside and at least i can wipe most of it off before i snooze and throw some heavy cream over that until the morning
  4. my husband makes fun of me for my baby wipes but damn, they work! they smell nice, they're cheap, and have the exact same ingredients as face wipes. I buy the luvs ones because you get twice as many for half the price and you don't have to use the tub. :smile:

    shiseido cotton squares are AMAZING. 8 dollars for cotton is a little ridiculous i know, but once you use them you can never ever go back to normal cotton squares. so soft.
  5. Like the Shiseido squares too, but the $$$. So have bought in "bulk" at Costco, the cotton rounds. Great!
  6. I use Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash to remove eye makeup (just use my hands for this) and wash my face with my regular facial cleanser to remove foundation. I don't bother with wipes or cotton balls. :yes:
  7. I love the Shiseido cotton too! To clean my face at night, I use Shiseido Creamy Cleansing Emultion and wipe it off with their cotton pads instead of water. I live in Los Angeles where the water is notoriously gross, so I prefer not to use it to clean my face.
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