Makeup to achive Perfect looking skin, Laura Mercier?

  1. I am looking for something just when i go out to smooth my pores and cover well to make my skin look perfect :shame: Durring the day I wear Laura Mercier Oil Free tinted moisturizer but that just isnt enough for going out at night.. I love the line though so I was thinking about trying their Creme foundation

    Has anybody tried this? how did you like it? Ect...

    Also I have slight Rosacea on my cheeks, I use a primer for that but it doesnt cover it 100%
  2. Have you tried a primer? It acts as a base under your foundation. I'm using one by Clarins that was recommended at Sephora. They also gave me samples of two other brands (can't remember the names). They all have a slightly different texture as they are either silicone or water based. I prefer the water based ones.
  3. Armani makeup is the best stuff on the market, IMO. Makes my skin look like porcelain without making me look fake or makeup-y.
  4. Chanel is pretty good too. I have the Teint Innocence compact and it does a good job, but if you want a bit more coverage for the rosacea maybe the Vitalumiere compact would be best. It's creamier and a little thicker. You can't go wrong with either though, they're awesome! I only switched because that's what I do LOL. I change products all the time.
  5. Another vote for Armani makeup. It is worth every penny.
  6. I started using Laura Mercier after having used Chanel Vitalumiere (which I thought I loved!), and have completely been converted. Vitalumiere had a tendency to make me look oily and rub off really easily (even with a primer), whereas LM has good staying power and evens out my skin tone really well. I use the Oil Free Foundation...I've also tried Armani, and came back to LM.
  7. Another vote for Armani but I use a primer first.
  8. I've used Chanel Double Perfecting foundation, with Perfekt skin gel over it, and it gave me the most flawless looking skin. Although that combo was over $100, it was well worth it lol.
  9. here's what I do to achieve flawless porcelain skin:
    1. Laura Mercier oil-free primer
    2. Chanel teint innocence foundation
    3. Laura Mercier mineral powder
    4. Laura Mercier mineral finishing powder

    On lighter lazy days I just use:
    1. Laura Mercier oil-free primer
    2. Chanel hydramax + tint or Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer
    3. Cleu de Peau concealer to cover up slight imperfections
  10. The Armani primer with Luminous Silk Foundation is hard to beat.
  11. I've tried all of the above - among the products mentioned I like Armani best. However, I'm a Chantecaille girl through and through (having been through almost every cosmetic counter there is) and absolutely love their foundations. Shu Uemura also has some very good foundation options and they offer a great make-up base with UV protection
  12. I think La Mer loose powder covers all my sins -- bad skin, poor make-up application, lack of sleep, etc. It is the best. Try it out.
  13. I use the Chanel tinted moisturizer..But I also use now the Laura Mercier translucent powder as well..over it ...I like it....!
  14. Ooo...I'm glad so many of you like the Armani foundation cause I really want to try that one too. I'm using Chanel Teint Innocence with Spf 12. I love it! I have red cheeks too though it's not Rosacea. The Chanel Teint does a pretty good job covering it up without being too heavy. It doesn't cover the whole redness cause it will be pretty impossible but it leaves this pink shade on my cheeks. I don't even have to put blush on them anymore ;)

    Laura Mercier seems to be a good brand. I'm currently using their primer and I like it!
  15. Smashbox Primer (the clear one)
    MAC Studio Tech foundation applied with a brush
    MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder (dusted over with 'skunk brush)
    Then I spray MAC Fix+ lightly over and WOW!!