makeup tips to make eyes look bigger

  1. Any suggestions? I've heard white eyeliner helps but i just look crazy with it on...
  2. what about just a little dab of white power on the inside corner or your eyes? it's not as extreme and is supposed to widen your eyes.
  3. use white pencil liner only on the inside corners (bottom of the eyes). it makes them POP! ;)
  4. Fake eye lashes work for me!
  5. ^^I second false eyelashes
  6. Not sure if it counts as "makeup" but those Asian eyes-enlarging cosmetic lens work for me. Of course you gotta use it along with great mascara and eyeliner.
  7. eyeliner is good. I too look too crazy with eyeliner on but i have been using benefits eyeliner with the smudging stick on the other side.. in dark gray. Just a real thin line and maybe smudge a little reallyl helps. I have quite small eyes oh and curling yoru eyelashes helps out a lot too!
  8. Just use mascara on the top lashes. Also, line the inner rim in white.
  9. thanks for all the tips...i never curl my lashes but own an eyelash curler, so i'll try that and the white in the corners.
  10. I'm a fake eyelash devotee. Besides that I've also heard putting eyeliner only on the outer rims of your eyes.
  11. eyeliner and fake eyelashes. you can add some dramatic eyeshadow to make it really open up
  12. i use a nude looking eyeliner inside my eyes instead of the white.
  13. Take the lightest eyeshadow you have on (the one you use to highlight the brow bone) and gently/softly pat it all the way down the center of your eye. Don't do it too thickly though, just about the width of the colored part of your eyeball. I read this in a magazine a long time ago and have been doing it for a long time.
  14. its so hard to glue on fake eyelashes..:sad: but im gonna try master it..ehehe, coz i know it really helps enlarge eyes :smile: and eyeliner of course :smile:
  15. Curl your eyelashes. Use lighter colours on the lid and slightly darker in the crease. Don't put anything under the eye. Just line the top of the eyelid by the lashline, don't extend the line.