Makeup Techniques and Basics.

  1. I am still 17 going on 18 and I have yet any idea how to apply makeup and do face treatment and care.

    I have used acne face treatment from Clinique but nothing else yet. I have so many lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows and Chanel eyepalettes and lipstick palettes, but I don't know how to put foundation on.

    Can anyone recommend how to put foundation and concealer as well as daily cleansing treatments on?

    And also, can you recommend any US-sold makeup?
  2. One foundation trick I know is to apply it to your skin with your fingertips -- it wastes much less product than using a sponge. Once it is applied, you can then use a sponge to blend and blot it.

    I don't wear foundation makeup that often though, I just wear a moisturizer with SPF most days and save the heavier makeup for special occasions, usually when I know I might get my photo taken or something.
  3. Here's a tip I picked up on concealer.. when you're blending it under your eyes use your ring finger (it applies less pressure).. if you use your index finger it applies more force.. and with repeated rubbing you get wrinkles!

    And oh for blush blend up.. start on the apples of your cheek and stroke the brush up towards the top of your ears.. you don't want to paint circles or make one streak straight across your face bc it looks unnatural. Blending it upwards highlights cheekbones :smile:
  4. Totally agree - and try to keep your skin in the best condition so you don't need too much - foundation can be really noticeable and the less you can get by with the better IMO.

  5. Since you're so young, I would reccomend a tinted moisturizer. It just the same thing as foundation, it's just a very sheer coverage. Elizabeth Arden or Stila would be good. However if you have marks you want to cover and your skin is a little sensitive, I reccomend Bare Escentuals foundation and bisque(which is a concealer). That only require a little practice to learn how to "swirl, tap, and buff".

    If you do use a liquid foundation, I do recommend what jane said and use your fingers then a sponge. Because sponges suck up a lot of the foundation and you end up using more of it. MAC sold me a brush to use with their liquid foundation, but I just didn't like trying to buff that liquid into my skin. It wasn't working so I started doing what jane said.
  6. heres a good basic...always apply moisturizer/sunscreen before foundation...!
  7. My daily routine:

    Cleansing (end of day)
    1) remove eye makeup
    2) remove rest of makeup (Shu Uemura facial wash is great as a makeup remover cum facial wash)
    3) 2nd round face cleansing - i use a generic deep cleanser from the drugstore
    4) toner
    5) moisturizer

    Cleansing is actually the most important, if you take the time and consistently clean your face thoroughly everyday, it really has a big effect on your skin..

    In the morning, i just splash water on my face and put moisturizer. A mild cleanser good for morning is the Shu Uemura water cleanser.

    1) sunscreen
    2) make up primer - I find Biotherm good for teens to 20-ish skin (since you're young, you can use just makeup primer, the biotherm one has a sheeny appearance and it may just be enough)
    4) foundation - personally I use chanel cream foundation (i like the texture which lies between liquid and powder), and i always apply foundation before concealer; because you'd be amazed at the amount of things foundation can actually cover! I prefer to use fingers in winter and sponge in summer (weird huh!), also fingers save a lot of product.
    5) concealer - i only use cream concealers occassonally for one or two spots - use a small and medium stiffness small size brush to put on concealer for exact spots, i find it helps alot to concentrate the concealer on the spots; then liquid concealers for other broader areas like under eye. Also under eye, i try to use a soft brush instead of fingers as it is less pressure as eye area skin is really thin (but i don't think you need to use eye concealer at such a young age!)
    6)... rest of makeup colours etc.
  8. Have you ever tried going to a make-up counter and getting advice? When I know I want to buy something, I will go to a makeup counter and ask them to do my makeup for me. I learn so many different tricks from different people & in the end, I buy what I went there for so they're happy & I'm happy. By the way, I usually go when its not busy so I get all their attention =)
  9. Agree with every lady's suggestion of moisturiser before foundation. It makes the makeup look even smoother, the difference is not as pronounced as putting on the powder without foundation but there is a perceptible difference.

    The best thing is to get the makeup artist to show you the tricks but tell them not to go to showbiz,I feel their hands are too heavy!