Makeup Remover !

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  1. I use Biore' Cleanser on my face and neck to remove my foundation & powder.
    Vaseline to remove my lipstick.
    Almay eye makeup remover pads for my eyes.

    What do you use ?
  2. i dont wear that much make up - i dont wear any to work!

    but if i am wearing make up i just use Dove Facial wipes - they seem to take everything off! :amuse:
  3. DHC cleansing oil, Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face wash, Rimmel eye makeup remover.
  4. Ditto. Usually I shower at night so just remove my eye makeup with the cleansing wipe, then wash my face in the shower.
  5. I love Lancome's makeup remover! It's the best.
  6. Ditto pursegal - I use BiFacil on my eyes when I use waterproof mascara - it wipes right off, it's magic! LOL!
    But I only wear a little powder, blush and mascara on a daily basis so my Checks and Balances by Origins gets my face clean w/o the Lancome!
  7. I don't wear much besides waterproof mascara. I like Lancome, but I still find it to be a bit oily. So the best for me is Chanel. It easily removes makeup and is very gentle and clean.
  8. Yes, it's completely greasy, I use it and then wash my face. My face wash breaks it right down leaving no residue.
  9. i wear shiseido the skincare cleanser, etude eye make up remover, then wash my face w obagi facial wash
  10. You actually don't have to use any makeup remover at all, it's just a gimmick to make you buy more stuff for your face. If you wear theatrical makeup, use baby wipes ( cheap and delicate). For the regular everyday makeup, use PURITY - one step facial cleanser, it's the best I've ever used, no greasy feeling just a clean feeling. I used it on all my clients, each one of them loved it. Oprah even has it listed as one of her favorite things.
  11. I don't wear heavy eye makeup. I just use estee lauder soft clean face cleanser. If I do wear more makeup for some reason, I just wash twice. Works for me.
  12. same here. I use Clarifiance.
  13. Agreed! Eyeliner is such a pain to take off, but Lancome (the blue liquid?) totally works!
  14. I use Neutrogena's fresh foaming cleanser. It works well, takes off all my makeup, including eyeliner and mascara. But when I wear waterproof mascara I use the eye makeup remover I get from gifts. :biggrin: Right now its Lancome.
  15. I use Lancome Bi-facil too! I also like Chanel's Precision eye make up remover. They're both on the oily side, but are great at removing mascara/eyeliner.