Makeup recomendations

  1. Though I do have rudimentary knowledge of makeup application, I wouldn't know where to begin in choosing the right brands.

    I prefer a creamy foundation with a smooth finish that will not wear off during the day (in a five hour period).

    I've typically had issues with my cream eyeshadow wearing off around the center so I end up with a hollowed out eyelid. I love the look of creamy eyeshadows but the wearing off it one thing that I do dislike.

    So I ask... do you ladies have any suggestions for foundations and eyeshadows?
  2. I think it's worth investing in a good foundation, the cheap ones don't last. What is your skintype? As for the eyeshadow, maybe you could try putting on a primer first.
  3. I am almost completely ignorant when it comes to choosing out a foundation, but only because I never have before. I simply wash my face, moisturize, apply lip gloss, and I'm done. After reading a book by the late Kevyn Aucoin, I have been inspired to experiment with my make up, creating glamorous looks.

    My skin is fair toned, normal, with a t-zone that can get oily sometimes. I do not wish to hide my skin with a heavy mask but have light coverage.
  4. If you have a halfway decent mall anywhere near you, I recommend visiting the Clinique counter. The ladies there will be happy to assist you with chossing the correct makeup for your complexion and will also show you how to apply it. Good luck!
  5. LittlePrincess, as I myself do not use make-up and so know less about makeup than you do, I thought long and hard before writing the following.

    There's a seller called Luca who makes this product (among other bath products):

    Etsy :: Get Nakey Mineral Foundation Powder Samples - Find Your Perfect Shade - Fair Skin Kit

    Luca lives in Fort Lauderdale and according to her update she will just have gotten back from her holidays. It might be a good idea to contact her for make-up advice (if you are at all interested :smile: ).

    Reading through her feedback, I came across this:

    Etsy :: lushboxinc's Feedback


    "I purchased this sample kit on a whim as I have not had good results with products like this in the past (read really expensive brand). I am a 50 year old red head with fair skin, oily T zone, facial spider veins, fine lines, blotching and the occasional breakout. ALL the good stuff. Never thought I'd be fighting wrinkles and zits at the same time. I wore this to work yesterday with no irritation. It evened out my skin wonderfully an did not "settle" in the fine lines or get "cakey" around the nose or eyes. I did not need to touch it up at all. The capper was that a co-worker said straight out, "I don't know what you did, but you should do it all the time". Considering it took a make-up clueless klutz 30 seconds to put it on, I'd say that is about the best recommendation a foundation could get. I know this is long winded, but I'm thrilled to bits. So get a sampler to find your color. I'm done now."

    Etsy :: lushboxinc's Feedback


    "I had been using the same foundation for many years when the company decided to change it... and my quest began. *sigh* I have a very, very fair complexion and my skin is extremely sensitive. I also have bouts of adult acne and mild rosacea. I have tried numerous brands, none of which offered samples, and paid full price for a dozen or more foundations I couldn't use. I had been wanting to try a mineral foundation, but even the high-end brands of this type of foundation were too dark for me. When I came upon this sample size offer, I decided to try it. But I thought it sounded too good to be true. Well, I'm a believer now! I've been wearing it for the past three days and am completely hooked. It feels incredible, like wearing nothing. And, wonder of wonders, it comes in a shade that actually matches my skintone!!! It hasn't made me itch or break out. It doesn't irritate my skin. And I live at the beach and have worn it outside in 90 degree heat. I was sweating, but it didn't cake or run. I just blotted with a tissue and it was fine. Ok, I know this is long but I have to say one more thing... Because I had tried so many other disappointing products, I contacted the seller to let her know my situation. She was wonderful. She was confident that it would be right for me, but more than willing to work with me if I was unsatisfied. Thanks, Luca! You and your product get an A+++."

    Good luck!

    PS I'm not related to Luca or to Etsy in any shape or form :smile: :smile:
  6. There is an item that I recommend to everyone. Put this one before you put any make-up on your face. It helps even dime store makeup stay on long. It's called Spackle by Laura Geller. It goes on like a moisturizer and helps build a base for all make-up.
  7. Dermalogica has a great new foundation in a tube that is sheer but provides great coverage. I have blending issues (everything else looks like cake makeup on me) and this looks very natural but covers.
  8. I recommend philosophy's clear makeup, let set for two minutes and then use chanel tinted moisturizer. Don't use too much on the clear makeup because I've heard people say they had breakouts (my skin looks fab). You'll need to visit the chanel counter to make sure you get the right tint, but there aren't that many selections, so it shouldn't take long. I was using a laura mercer creamy eyeshadow as a base and that was working well for me... I don't wear eye shadow that much though
  9. This shows how ignorant I am when it comes to makeup, their's a clear make up?

    That would work perfectly because it would help the other make-up adhere to my face without hiding my natural skin. I never wear make-up but after seeing some of Kevyn Aucoin's books, I got so inspired to have some fun with make up.
  10. for eyeshadow, you could try a primer such as urban decay primer potion. put that on, then the shadow on top. it will help it last longer.

    either that or change to different eyeshadows. some wear better than others. i often use cream shadow as my base (i like shiseido hydro power shadows). others like mac paints and lancome colour dose.

    my favorite lines of powder eyeshadows are: shu uemura, inoui id, kesalan patharan, stila.

    you will most likely have to experiment to see what works with you. i do not have oily lids so i rarely have a problem with fading/creasing. that said, chanel quads fade horribly fast on me =(

    if you have fairly good skin, try a tinted moisturizer. it also has SPF. and remember to set with loose powder, it will last longer that way.

    good luck
  11. Don't feel too bad! The Clear Makeup product from Philosophy is new. It's basically just a good primer. I have used the "spackle" referenced above, and it is definately an under something else use, but the clear makeup, I actually think it makes a difference even if you don't wear it with something over it....if you go to Chanel for tint moisturizer, don't let them talk you into their eye shadow primer. It doesn't work very well and has dumb packaging/dispensing.:rolleyes: