makeup on scarf


Oct 27, 2006
I regularly wear scarves as headbands, and noticed that there are several scarves I own with makeup on the middle part (where my forehead meets the central fold of the scarf). The labels say "Dry Clean Only," but I'm a little hesitant to drop them off at the drycleaners. Is there another way, or is that the safest way?


shack in the woods
Nov 28, 2006
Hi Candycouture,

when I bought my scarves, I ask the SA if she could recommend a drycleaner. Can you call your local store and ask them for recommendations? Maybe they can even tell you what they will do with your scarf.


Orange crush
Feb 12, 2006
I handwash them without a problem. If you go up to the reference section, there should be a thread about Hermes scarves. I think the first post should have a link to an old thread that discusses washing them. Some scarfies swear by handwashing because unless the dry cleaner is familiar with Hermes scarves, most will press the hems flat instead of leaving them plump. Also, sometimes the dry cleaning process can fade the dyes with time. One tip about handwashing is don't soak the scarf in the detergent too long, that too will cause the dye to fade faster. Some people use a color magnet. I haven't found a need for this except for some of the vintage scarves that contain reds and dark greens. Those 2 dyes on the older scarves are notorious for running. But, so far I haven't had a problem with handwashing.


Sep 15, 2006
Personally I only dry clean my H scarves...coz I'm a klutz with washing them. I tried washing once an old H scarf and left it in the water too long, the colors ran and needless to say, bye bye old scarf. Now I only dare dry cleazn them with a reputable drycleaner, and I always tell them to leave the hems alone. They should be nice and plump :smile:


Jan 26, 2006
i just tried hand washing a couple of pocket squares. I think they turned out ok but for some reason I think they look less "shiny" and "too soft". Is this normal? Did I do something wrong? :shrugs:
Oct 12, 2006
^^fopduck, nothing wrong with what you did, but what happened is that you happened to wash the sizing away. The sizing is what makes the scarf stiff and slightly stain resistant.

What sort of cleaner do you recommend for keeping the scarves looking their best? I washed one in a cashmere cleaner (White+Warren) and it did take the stains out but the scarf is now very soft. I don't trust my dry cleaners to not press the hems. Thanks!


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
Sometimes I wash my scarves just to get that sizing out since I like my scarves a little less stiff. I did that with my Pavements scarf and it turned out nice and soft and supple......draped beautifully! Some of the older scarves seem to have more sizing in them and these are the ones that get immediately hand-washed and then ironed!!!