Makeup/no makeup? Kinda dumb but still need to ask...

  1. Ok ladies/gents just wondering when is the must age for a girl/young woman start wearing makeup? I am going to be turning 21 soon and still not use to wearing any makeup everyday,not even mascara:shame: One of the reason is because I always afraid that once I start wearing makeup, I will not be able to go back to the all natural look. However, my younger cousin she is 17 now and she has been wearing makeup like forever. I think her makeup looks very good on her. So I think maybe I should starting wearing makeups too? I :love: my natural look, but just wondering is 21 kinda old to NOT wearing any makeup? It's better to start wearing them?
  2. If you love the way you look than that is all that matters! I just turned 21 & I don't wear makeup everyday. I usually only wear it when going out at night or on a date w/ the bf (which is not a regularity after almost 3yrs!). You shouldn't wear makeup because you feel you should. Wear it if you like the way you look with it, otherwise, do whatever you feel best in. Whatever you are comfortable & confident in will be what looks best on you, whether it be mascara & blush or just chapstick!
  3. I am big on makeup, but I wear BE and it is very gentle and natural looking.
  4. I started wearing makeup when I grad from college and started my first job. I was 21 at that time too but even now (26 now), I wear minimal makeup. I usually put on some eye shadow, eye liner and lipgloss and off I go. I don't like foundation, blush or mascara since it makes my face feel "heavy" from all the chemicals. But I did notice that ever since I started wearing makeup, I feel like I MUST put some on everytime I go out even if it's just lipgloss only. Otherwise I feel naked and self conscious.

    If you really want to try, my suggestion is to wear minimal makeup or wear makeup if you really need to (ie. job interview).
  5. hey ya!
    ummm, i'm 24 and i still dont wear make up... my life style is just too casual! hehehe! but i always try and put some make up on if im going for a bit of boogie with friends... but thats about it really! :smile: but i reckon if you want to wear a little bit for starters GO AHEAD and if you feel comfortable then maybe put some more on!!! :smile:
  6. Is it better to learn it from professional for a starter????
  7. I don't wear makeup either. It just never really stuck with me but I still have a bagful of makeup anyway to convince myself I will wear some one day. :shame:

    I have friends who wear it almost everyday and they look good. I put some shade of lipstick on once that was a little bit more than nude and my D.F. did not like it at all. He said he just couldn't imagine me with makeup that bold. I say play up your natural beauty. Just don't mask it. Some girls look great with eyeshadow but I just think I look like a clown when I have it on.
  8. Sometimes you can get good tips from magazines and the wonderful ladies behind the cosmetic counters. If you want to see what certain makeup might look like on you, you can drop by one of those counters and ask them for a make over. It's fun and it's free (but they'll try to persuade you into buying some of their products though).
  9. I agree with yhassan, if you like the way you look that's all that matters. I don't really wear much makeup. Just tinted moisturizer and blush. I only wear a lot of makeup when going out at night.
  10. I am too lazy to wear makeup all the time!!! I am 32, and it is bareface for me unless i am going out....then I wouldn't be caught dead without it! I do have to recommend YSL's new face is amazing....looks like a juicy tube, but gives an awesome glow...anytime I wear it, I get compliments!!
  11. I wear makeup rarely too. I make up my face if I'm going out with the hubby. Sometimes, for work, I'll put some eyeliner on and some lipgloss. That's pretty much it. I don't like wearing mascara (other than the clear kind) to work, because I typically end up looking like a raccoon. Also, if your skin tends to be oily, makeup can alter its color and literally turn orange.

    So, if you're comfortable with your skin, by all means, don't change a thing!!! Besides, I've seen your picture with one of your bags, you look absolutely adorable!!
  12. I don't wear makeup. I just never got in the habit and I develop contact allergies easily. Also, I don't look good with lipstick or any other color on my face. I get my brows done and wear a little bit of clear lipgloss sometimes and that's it. I do take care of my skin, though, and wear sunscreen all the time. Even if you don't wear makeup, you should get in the habit of using sunscreen daily.

    One time, I went to get my hair done and the makeup artist at the salon wanted to do my makeup because she had free time. She put some lipstick on me and said, "You look better without lipstick." and I was like "THANK YOU" because once in a while, people try to get me to wear lipstick at least and I just don't wanna!
  13. don't wear make up because you think you're supposed to...only wear it if it's fun for you. otherwise it's a chore. :\

    i've been wearing makeup daily since i was 11 or 12 and playing with it whenever i could get my hands on it since i was in the second grade. for me i don't feel like myself unless i have lip gloss and powder on. some people are just make up people, and some are not. if you don't like it, don't use it.
  14. I`ve been wearing make up since very young... probably since 13 years of age (minimal mascara and powder). But it was really bad for my skin and I totally wish I started much later (I`m 21 now and I wear the whole package now- mascara, eyeshadow, powder, bronzer, lip stuff everyday or else I feel "naked"). :noworry:

    Don`t feel pressured that you should start wearing make-up at a certain age because you should do what you think is best for you :biggrin:. If you do feel like starting, start off with a natural look! :heart:
  15. I'm 31 now, and I don't wear makeup. I see customers as part of my job, and I just put on very light lipstick or a tinted lipgloss.

    If you have good, even skintone, I wouldn't worry about wearing makeup.